2011 Tesla R80 3.0 Roadster Sport | $750K HKD

Regardless of what happens in the automotive landscape in the next few decades, Tesla is going to stick in people’s minds as the company that took EVs mainstream and finally made electric cars cool. And as Tesla’s first production model, the original Roadster is deemed a future classic by many, evidenced by the high auction hammer price throughout the world. Ahead of its time when launched, this car represents a rare opportunity to buy the ultimate incarnation of Tesla's first model, a sports car that marked the beginning of an era.

The Tesla Roadster features a hand-made carbon fibre body riding on an aluminium chassis borrowed from the Lotus Elise. The 2,700-pound 2.5 Sport was the final iteration and focused primarily on increased performance. The 375-volt electric motor was hand-wound at the factory and is coupled to a 53kWh Li-ion battery pack. Factory output was 288 horsepower with 295 lb-ft of torque when new, all of which is available nearly instantaneously and resulted in 0 to 60 mph times of 3.7 seconds in period testing.

This Motor Car: This 2011 Tesla 2.5 Roadster Sport with R80 3.0 Upgrade is finished in the magnificent shade of Grey. This late model comes with full Tesla service history and one previous ownership since 2013. It rides on directional forged wheels finished in black, which along with the carbon fiber trim and removable hard top, soft-top roof, accent the exterior nicely. The interior is entirely original and features a Tesla MOMO steering wheel, push-button transmission, bolstered bucket seats, and an entertainment screen. This desirable first generation Tesla Roadster has just received the R80 3.0 battery upgrade, which can offer a 340 mile range and a 2 years or 25,000 miles warranty. This upgrade was completed by the owner at a cost of $300,000. Originally cost $1.45M HKD when new, it is one of the last 50 production Roadsters built and one of the few full option version 2.5 built from the mid 2010 to 2011. Furthermore, all 150 Right-Hand Drive Roadster are made entirely in United Kingdom, making them quite unique.

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Year: 2011

Body: 2 Doors Targa with Hardtop

Exterior: Grey

Interior: Black

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: One Speed

Indicated Mileage: 87,000 KM

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Registered in Hong Kong


  • Original Hong Kong Delivered Top-of-the line Roadster

  • Tesla’s first production model, a landmark in electric cars

  • Desirable high-performance Sport model upgraded with the R80 3.0 battery

  • Believed to be one of approximately 150 Right Hand Drive built in the UK

  • Features directional forged wheels, carbon fiber trim, MOMO steering wheel, bolstered bucket seats, and an entertainment screen

  • Accompanied by manuals, charging cables, and optional Carbon Fibre removable top & Softtop.

Classic Insider condition score: 79 points out of 100


Fully original. Never restored. Of course you can find visible and unavoidable blemishes on the 10 year old "first paint" due to ageing and regular use, but overall it is still good. Some deterioration on the exterior carbon fibre trim laminations. The original alloy wheels are slightly marked and shod with 2017 tires. The Interior, dash, seats, door cards and carpet are in overall good condition, but blemishes are evident mostly on the driver's side bucket seat. Comes with all the owner's handbook, tool kit and various types of chargers and adaptors.

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Aug 2019 to September 2021 Roadster 3.0 Upgrade

The Roadster 3.0 package applies what we've learned in Model S to Roadster.

Battery technology has continued a steady improvement in recent years, as has our experience in optimizing total vehicle efficiency through Model S development. We have long been excited to apply our learning back to our first vehicle, and are thrilled to do just that with the prototype Roadster 3.0 package. It consists of three main improvement areas.

1. Batteries The original Roadster battery was the very first lithium ion battery put into production in any vehicle. It was state of the art in 2008, but cell technology has improved substantially since then. We have identified a new cell that has 31% more energy than the original Roadster cell. Using this new cell we have created a battery pack that delivers roughly 70kWh in the same package as the original battery.

2. Aerodynamics The original Roadster had a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.36. Using modern computational methods we expect to make a 15% improvement, dropping the total Cd down to 0.31 with a retrofit aero kit.

3. Rolling Resistance The original Roadster tires have a rolling resistance coefficient (Crr) of 11.0 kg/ton. New tires that we will use on the Roadster 3.0 have a Crr of roughly 8.9 kg/ton, about a 20% improvement. We are also making improvements in the wheel bearings and residual brake drag that further reduce overall rolling resistance of the car.

Summary Combining all of these improvements we can achieve a predicted 40-50% improvement on range between the original Roadster and Roadster 3.0. There is a set of speeds and driving conditions where we can confidently drive the Roadster 3.0 over 400 miles. We will be demonstrating this in the real world during a non-stop drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the early weeks of 2015.

Installed new PEM (Power Electronics Module), new Auxiliary 12V Battery, Annual Service, New Sway bar, New HVAC controller

** All available previous Service records available upon request


Named after Nikola Tesla, a genius who, more than 100 years ago at the dawn of the electric age, invented alternating electrical current, the radio, and the AC motor, among other things, Elon Musk's Tesla Motors has made quite an impact on the automobile industry and the cars of today. Introduced at the 2006 San Francisco Auto Show, the Tesla Roadster was Musk and teams first car, and first highway legal serial all-electric car to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production all-electric car to travel more than 200 miles per charge. Based on the Lotus Elise, the Tesla Roadster was built at Tesla's Menlo Park plant, as is a high-performance sports car motivated by a completely electric powertrain. The innovative car was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in December of 2006 as the recipient of the magazine's 'Best Inventions 2006 - Transportation Invention award'. The first 100 Tesla Roadsters sold out in less than three weeks, and general production began on March 17, 2008, with just 500 of these first-generation Roadsters to be built. The Tesla Roadster marked the beginning of an era, and remains a very sporty and entertaining car to drive.

When it debuted the Roadster was a pretty ground-breaking vehicle. The base model, the first of four that were produced, featured a range of 244 miles on a full charge and an electric motor that was good for 248 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. The chassis and body were based on a Lotus Elise/Exige architecture -- Lotus provided the motorless "gliders" for Tesla.

The debut base model and the upgraded Roadster 1.5, the first of which rolled out in 2008, could make the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds and had a top speed of 125 mph. The base model started at $109,000 USD, an attractive purchase for reasonably well-funded fans of electric cars. Roadster 2.0, the second version of the model, dialed up the power to 248 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque while keeping the range at 244 miles.

The big leap with the first-gen Roadster came with Roadster 2.5 and 2.5 Sport, which served up 288 hp along with a top torque output of 295 lb-ft in the Sport model. These later variants also featured slightly revised styling front and back. By this time the Roadster featured a single-speed BorgWarner transmission, in contrast to the two-speed transmission of the debut model. Zero to 60 mph sprints were down to 3.7 seconds, but the price was up to $128,500 USD for the top 2.5 Sport, which offered improved noise insulation, new seats and a larger 7.0-inch optional touchscreen infotainment system.

Four versions of just the first-generation Roadster makes it sound like there were a lot of these cars out there, but production for all versions combined topped out at around 2,450 examples. The Roadster may have been offered in a lot of flavors over half a decade, but it was a very exclusive car even by the metric of the Model S.


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