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1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy 6 Carbs RHD Classiche Certified | 38M HKD (HK REGISTERED)

This gorgeous 275 GTB is One of just 4 Right Hand Drive, Alloy- bodied 6 carbs car built by Ferrari. The 275 was a breathtaking grand touring car in the 1960s, it was powered by the legendary front-mounted 3.3-litre Colombo V12, the same engine as legends like the 250 GTO. Ferrari claimed the engine made 280 hp and importantly it was the first road car from the brand to use a transaxle & independent rear suspension technology it had used in previous race cars like the 250 Testa Rossa.

Styled by Pininfarina and manufactured by Scaglietti starting in 1964, The car was used in competition as a response to the FIA refusing to homologate the 250 LM for GT class racing. The 275s were used both as a factory racer and a customer race car and impressively it finished third overall at Le Mans in 1965.

Year: 1966

Body: 2 Doors Coupe

Exterior: Verde Scuro Speciale

Interior: Black Leather

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 20,268 Miles (As indicated at time of photography)

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered, 0 previous Owners noted on Registration & 275 GTB License Mark


Built in January 1966, this bespoke 275 GTB was painted in a special dark green (Verde Scuro Speciale) that was reproduced from a sample sent to Maranello by the original customer. The car was right-hand drive, with an interior trimmed with Black leather, and specified with six carburettors and wire wheels. It was delivered to the UK importer of the time, Maranello Concessionaires. This example was purchased from the UK by the current keeper, imported and first registered in Hong Kong in 2012. The car has remained here for the next 5 years until it was sent back to the experts of the Ferrari Classiche Department in Maranello Italy, to be meticulously restored. As part of an extensive 2+ years refurbishment programme, the chassis was fully checked and serviced, the body repaired where required, and the engine overhauled. No rocks were unturned and every single detail was attended to. The aim was to restore the car back to its original specification, just like the day it was delivered in the 60s.

Because of Enzo Ferrari’s fastidious documentation process, there is an unparalleled historical archive in Maranello that carries the information, down to the tiniest detail, for each and every car. Thanks to documents such as the original build sheet that outlines the vehicle’s specifications, along with the designs of each component, and supporting items such as the bill of materials and the sales papers, we can say that the car is now exactly as she was when delivered by them in period.

This is the very car that was featured in a video (see below) Ferrari has produced, showing their Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc acquaints himself with the meticulously restored 275 GTB around Fiorano test track to celebrate the brand’s history and heritage. 

Image courtesy of Ferrari SpA


  • 1 OF 4 Alloy Bodied Long Nose Right Hand Drive 6 Carb 275 GTB

  • Highly Collectible Ferrari Supercar of the 1960s

  • Fully restored and Classiche Certified at Maranello Ferrari

  • Track tested by F1 Driver Charles Leclerc at Fiorano

  • Hong Kong Road Registered

Classic Insider condition score: 98 points out of 100


Original. Meticulously restored by Maranello's Classiche Department in full accordance to the original build-specification. The mechanicals, engine, brightwork, body and paint are now in flawless condition. The Interior is presented in a "new car" like condition with no signs wear and tear from usage. Engine bay and even the underside of the car is super clean. Sparingly used but consistently serviced. Classiche Certificate Red Book, Original build sheet, Marcel Massini report presented

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. Available for viewing by appointment for serious interest only.

For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Wong

Telephone Or Whatsapp: +852 9013 2536


Full restoration by Maranello completed in 2017- 2018

**Service records available upon request