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2001 Porsche 996 TURBO Manual | 820K HKD

996 is the internal designation for the 911 model manufactured by Porsche between 1997 and 2006.

The Porsche 996 had little in common with its predecessor, and was the first all-new chassis platform since the launch of the first 911, as well as introducing a water-cooled engine for the first time. Technically it was a very big and innovative change from the original 911 design.

In terms of design, a lot has also changed, with the main changes being a slimmer body, with a steeper windshield and “starred egg” headlamps, so called due to the integrated amber turn signals, instead of the more vertical «beetle-type» headlamps. Also the interior has been completely redesigned.

Turbo versions of the 996 were unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1999. They use a 3.6-litre, water-cooled turbo-charged flat-6 engine derived from the one used in the Porsche 911 GT1 that won the Le Mans 24h in 1998. With 420 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 563 N⋅m of torque, four-wheel drive and, in this case, with the traditional 6-speed manual gearbox.

The Porsche 996 Turbo offered here was delivered on 24.04.2001 to its first owner by Hong Kong Jebsen Porsche dealer. For the next 20 years the vehicle was well cared for and that's why this 996 Turbo presents itself even today in a visually as well as technically pristine condition.

Notable options of the vehicle:




Year: 2001

Body: 2 Doors Coupe

Exterior: L12H "Speed Yellow"

Interior: Black Leather with yellow interior accent

Driver's Side: RHD

Transmission: 6 Speed Manual

Indicated Mileage: 103388 KM

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered, 6 Previous Owners

This motor car: This rare-to-find Speed Yellow 6 Speed Manual 996 Turbo is in a spectacular condition overall. The car was once featured in the Hong Kong edition of BBC TOPGEAR Magazine. An original Hong Kong dealer delivered car in 2001 with 6 previous caring owners and showing 103388 km on the odometer. It is in a gorgeous combination of Speed Yellow exterior paint with Black Leather trimmed Interior and tasteful yellow accents. A superb example, kept in an excellent mechanical condition and regularly serviced throughout its life, the car has been "religiously" maintained by the current keeper since 2016. This car comes with the leather folio complete with all of the owner's manual, service book and code card. A stack of service maintenance file since 2014 will be supplied with the sale. This example is ready to enter a new stable. Available for viewing by appointment for serious interest only.


  • Rare 6 Speed Manual Speed Yellow 996 Turbo in all original condition

  • Originally Hong Kong Dealer delivered car and religiously maintained

  • This car needs nothing other than to be driven and enjoyed

Classic Insider condition score: 88 points out of 100


Original. Well-kept and consistently maintained. The car has an almost flawless EDP treated and maintained paint work. Everything looks fresh inside and outside. The alloy wheels have no curb marks and shod with fresh tires. The Interior is original, seats, dash, carpets and door cards surprisingly showing very little signs of wear and tear for the age. Always serviced and mechanically excellent. The engine bay is kept very clean and tidy. Full service record since 2014 shows the car being consistently serviced and detailed. Owner's book pack presented.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Wong

Telephone Or Whatsapp: +852 9013 2536

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2021 December EDP

  • Rejuvenation Detail + EDP Bespoke Coating

2021 September Jebsen Porsche

  • Replace push button

2021 July Jebsen Porsche

  • Replace Cover Plate (Head shield)

  • Replace gasket

  • Seat Belt Buckle

2021 July AOK Motorsport 102187KM

  • MOT

  • Replaced rear seatbelt

  • Replace air filter and cleaned throttle body

  • Replace front suspension, upper mount, alignment

  • Replaced exhaust, manifold, gasket

  • New Battery

2021 Jan AOK Motorsport 100989KM

  • Replaced Fuel Pump Set (supplied from Porsche Dealer)

2020 Dec AOK Motorsport 100834KM

  • Repaired front suspension upper mount

  • Replaced front suspension spring spacer

  • Repair front driveshaft CV joint

  • Alignment

  • Renewed front Diff fluid

  • New gearbox oil

2020 Nov AOK Motorsport 100558KM

  • Repaired front suspension upper mount

  • Adjust front spring level

  • Adjust front anti roll bar drop link lever

  • Repaired front wishbone lower joint

  • Adjust Steering rack and tie rod

2020 November Top Vehicle Management 100501KM

  • Replaced shock absorber bearing front + rear

  • Replaced steering rack

  • New air filter, pollen filter

  • Alignment

2020 March EDP

  • Rejuvenation Detail + EDP Bespoke Coating

  • Brake Caliper Repaint

2020 Feb Jebsen Porsche 99452KM

  • Diagnosis PSM, ABS lights

  • Throttle body replaced

2020 Jan AOK Motorsport 99371KM

  • Annual Service

  • New Battery

2019 Feb AOK Motorsport 97718KM

  • Replaced Rear Wing Mount Set

  • New bonnet Logo

  • Adjust rear suspension lever

2019 Jan Jebsen Porsche 97386KM

  • Check ABS, PSM

  • Replaced Fuel Pump

2018 Oct AOK Motorsport 96981KM

  • Annual Service

  • Air Filter, Gearbox oil

  • New Battery

2018 June Jebsen Porsche 95948KM

  • New Fuel level sensor

  • New Door lock

  • New Speaker

2018 March EDP

  • Royale Detail + Hybrid Quartz Coating

  • Interior Deep Cleanse

2018 Jan Jebsen Porsche 94997KM

  • Fuel Filler cap replaced

2017 Nov Jebsen Porsche 94667KM

  • Interior and exterior paint and trim refreshment

  • Oil pressure sender replaced

  • Stop light switch replaced

  • Front wiper panel replaced

  • Side sills covering replaced

  • New Oil pressure switch

  • New Air Mass Sensor

  • New front lower spolier

  • New wheel inner housing

  • Annual Service

2017 October AMWorks

  • New Tires Michelin PS2

2017 Sep Jebsen Porsche

  • Dashboard and trim replace/ refreshment

  • Install new Porsche Shift Knob

2017 May AOK 92315KM

  • Annual Service

2017 April AOK 91915KM

  • New Clutch Set installed (GT2 unit)

  • New Headlamps

2017 Feb AOK 91280KM

  • New Clutch Master Cylinder

  • New Rear Wing motor

  • Replaced clutch paddle slingshot

  • New glovebox handle

2016 Dec AOK 90426KM

  • New Fuel Pump and fuel level sensor

2016 Oct - Nov AOK 90200KM

  • A/C system Overhaul

  • New Condenser, Evaporator, receiver and expansion tank

2016 Aug AOK 89003KM

  • Annual Service

  • Replaced Ohlins OE DFV Suspension Set

  • New Spark Plugs

  • New front wheel bearings

2016 July AOK 88573KM

  • Powersteering fluid change

  • MOT

2015 Nov Gemballa 86620KM

  • Replaced rear sway bar push rod

2014 December Gemballa

  • New Fuel Pump

2014 July Gemballa 83485KM

  • MOT

  • New rear wheel bearing, engine belts, brake hose

** All available previous Service records available upon request


Whooosh! That very moment when you catch your breath after the Turbo charger(s) kick-in, is the hallmark of a 911 Turbo. When the boost pressure builds up and the air is pressed into the six combustion chambers, the world seems to stand still for a moment. That was the first time 911 Turbo from 1974 - and still is today.

There are no exceptions. Not even with the Porsche 996 Turbo, which was built from 2000 to 2006. With the 996, Porsche put everything on one card: The fifth generation of the sports car classic was radically new - and for the first time relied on water cooling instead of the previously staunchly defended air cooling. That's why the 996 had to prove itself from the start in order to convince even skeptics. Porsche finally got rid of the last doubts with the turbo: 420 hp from 3.6 liters Displacement with double turbocharging caused a stir at the time. With the factory performance increase (WLS), the engine even achieved 450 hp.

The engine is based on the design of the legendary Hans Mezger, who played a key role in the construction of the first 911 Turbo. Even today, people still talk about the "Mezger engine", which was used in the turbo and GT models up to the 997 model series. The engine is characterized by its two-piece aluminum crankcase. In contrast to other constructions, this allows a perfect oil supply even with high lateral acceleration and is therefore particularly well suited for use on the race track. In addition, the engine is extremely durable and reliable - which it proved in a slightly modified form with a double victory in the 1998 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 996 Turbo still impresses today: the bi-turbo sends 560 Nm of torque to all four wheels. That still feels brawny even in a world of high-torque diesels and powerful e-cars. Accompanied by the typical whooshing sound that characterizes a charged 911. So the 911 Turbo of the 996 generation has what it takes to become a classic. It is an important model in the company's history, the technology has written racing history and the Turbo, with a total of around 22,000 vehicles produced, is significantly rarer than the Carrera models, of which more than 150,000 were produced.


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