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1982 Ferrari 512 BBi | 4.5M HKD

First introduced in 1973, Ferrari's Berlinetta Boxer (BB) is considered the elegant bridge between the front engine V12 365 GTB/4 “Daytona” and the outrageously styled, but civilized, 1980s Testarossa. With design by Pininfarina, the BB was designed to compete with the yet unreleased Countach. Lamborghini's 1971 LP500 prototype no-doubt ruffled feathers in Maranello, showing the way the winds were blowing for a new crop of 1970s supercars. The initial version of the Berlinetta Boxer, the 365 GT4 BB, was the first in a distinguished and successful line of flagship, mid-engined, flat-12 Ferraris, spanning well into the 1990s. As is tradition at Ferrari, this engine was based on successful racing engineering. Mauro Forghieri's 1964 Ferrari 512 Formula One car featured a flat-12 engine that was later expanded and installed in the glorious 312B Formula One and 312 PB Racing Prototypes of the early 1970s. A version of this amazing, sonorous engine, the 4.4-liter “F102 A” soon found its way into the 365 GT4 BB.

Within a few short years, Ferrari had enlarged their flat-12 into the 5.0-liter “F102 B” and, with that technical change, a new engine-based, car model nomenclature. The new 512 BB (five-liters, 12-cylinders) continued with the successful formula created by the first BB with small styling changes to improve aerodynamics and engine cooling. These improvements did not change the 512 BB's nature; it remained a true driver's car with a hard-edged intensity that reflected the heightened competition from Sant'Agata.

The 512's final form emerged in 1981 as the 512 BBi (injection). Even though the Berlinetta Boxer was never sold in the USA, this new version was created in the effort to reduce emissions utilizing a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system. According to Ferrari the new fuel injected engine had the same claimed power output as the previous carbureted model. Just 1,007 512 BBi models were built between 1981 and 1984 with this final fuel-injected series considered to be the most livable Berlinetta Boxers with the addition of a dual-plate clutch for better city driving.

Year: 1982

Body: 2 Doors Coupe

Exterior: Blu Medio Metallica FER 506/C

Interior: Beige

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 7116 Miles (As indicated at time of photography)

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered, 2 previous Owners noted on Registration

This Motor Car: This handsome 512BBi is of European specification. First delivered in 1982, it is presented in the colour combination of Blu Medio Metallica FER 506/C over beige interior. It is fitted with the original Pioneer stereo and fader unit, the original Cromodora alloy wheels, and TRX tires. The cabin was luxuriously appointed, with leather seating and thick carpets. BBis came standard with air conditioning, power windows. This example was imported to Hong Kong from the UK, first registered in 2011. The current owner bought it in 2018, now showing 2 previous owners on VRD and an indicated 7,116 Miles on the odometer. Fully dealer serviced since 2018 with major mechanical service up-to-date and all wear-and-tear components such as Clutch, Ignition, Brakes, Cambelt, Fuel pump, Hoses. Radiator and Fuse Box replaced. Accompanied by spare wheel and complete tool kit, buy with confidence.


  • One of 1,007 512 BBi made between 1981 - 1984

  • Highly Collectible Ferrari Supercar of the 1980s

  • Consistently but sparingly used and maintained by official dealer

Classic Insider condition score: 87 points out of 100


Original. Older restoration but very well-kept and consistently maintained. Presented in Blu, the exterior has good paint, detailing was done a few years ago by EDP. Other exterior trims are mostly in good condition. The original wheels which are made of magnesium is showing deterioration, often seen on most Ferrari wheels of this vintage. Relatively fresh (2017) TRX tires are mounted. The Interior is perfectly preserved and totally original. Comes with original period Pioneer radio and have air conditioner. Engine bay and trunk is tidy but could be further cleaned up. Sparingly used but consistently serviced. All service records from Ferrari dealer since 2018 are presented.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. Available for viewing by appointment for serious interest only.

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Kenneth Wong

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March 2023

- Interior and Engine Bay Detailing and Touch up

July 2022 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 7081 Miles (8K)

- Paint refresh lower front bumper

April 2022 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 7038 Miles

- Manufacturer specified Full Annual Service (16K)

- A/C refresh (fixed leak, replaced dryer) (10K)

Aug 2021 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6953 Miles

- Refresh and replaced complete Fuse Box (10K)

July 2021 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6886 Miles

- Refresh Fuel lines. Replaced fuel tubes & parts (9K)

May 2021 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6860 Miles (45K)

- Remove, repair and refit Fuel Tank

- Repaired clutch leak

March 2021 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6784 Miles

- MOT, replace Spark Plugs, Clean ignition system (12K)

Jan 2021 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6686 Miles (58K)

- Engine out service, replaced oil seal, camshaft gaskets, replaced AUX belts and Cambelts

Dec 2020 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6512 Miles (8K)

- Clean throttle body, tune-up engine, adjust ignition timing and air fuel ratio

May 2020 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6449 Miles (40K)

- Replaced ignition barrel and key

- Replaced Anti-theft Device

Feb 2020 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6355 Miles


Dec 2019 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6299 Miles (25K)

- Brake refresh

- Replaced brake master cylinder & tube

- Replaced drive shaft boot

May 2019 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6238 Miles (148K)


- Engine Out service (replaced timing belt, front crankcase cover gasket & seal)

- Replaced all coolant hoses, water pump

- Replaced both side fuel pumps & filters

- Replaced 4 new TRX tires

Jan 2019 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6186 Miles (49K)

- New Clutch, Flywheel, Bearing, Disc

Dec 2018 Blackbird Concessionaires @ 6186 Miles (28K)

- Ignition refresh

- New plugs, and cables

- Refresh coolant system, changed all hose clamps

**Service records available upon request


When Ferrari debuted the exotic Ferrari 512 BBi—affectionately known as the Berlinetta Boxer—it marked a new era of 12-cylinder-powered mid engine road cars that changed the way for the Italian sports car maker. The 12-cylinder was nearly flat in design, hence the Boxer name that denoted the position of the horizontally opposed pistons. This platform greatly benefited handling with a low center of gravity, the ideal that was descended directly from Ferrari’s Formula 1 racing efforts. The Pininfarina-designed 512 BBi was Ferrari’s most expensive offering for the better part of a decade. The robust chassis construction consisted of steel tubing and a steel semi-monocoque, while exterior panels were constructed of lightweight aluminum, steel and fiberglass. To meet stricter emissions standards in Europe, the 512 BBi was fitted with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection.

The fuel-injected model produced either 340bhp at 6,000 rpm – according to figures in the factory owner's manual – or 360bhp at 6,200 rpm, according to the factory service manual. Either figure is impressive, more than enough to give the BBi a top speed in excess of 188 mph, as shown in the shop manual. The BBi was constructed on a tubular steel frame and clothed in a steel body designed by Pininfarina. That powerful flat-12 was tied to a five-speed manual rear transaxle. Suspension was of traditional race-car style, with unequal-length A-arms with dual coil springs and an anti-roll bar at both front and rear.

The BBi was initially fitted with metric-sized Cromodora alloy wheels and metric tires, but many owners eventually changed those out for conventional wheels that could accommodate more readily-available tire sizes. The cabin was luxuriously appointed, with leather seating and thick carpets. BBis came standard with air conditioning, power windows, and three-point inertia-operated seat belts. 1007 BBis were built in total.


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