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1961 Jaguar Mk II 3.8 Manual Beacham | 698K HKD

According to sir William Lyons, well known as mister Jaguar is the MKII the maxim of grace, pace and space. Nowadays it is known as one of the nicest saloons which are classic but are very usable on a daily base as well.

The MKII has two faces, one face shows a very fast sport saloon which make the car very attracting during its years for the police as well as for the thieves (think of the movies from Get Carter with Michael Caine and off-course inspector Morse). The other face showed an extremely comfortable, representative car which was mainly used as a business car for the upper-class. The space inside, the way of sitting in the chairs, the looks, but above all the way of driving make the Jaguar one of the greatest saloons to have in a collection.

Dr Greg Beacham saw a market for rebuilding and uprating Jaguar cars, primarily Jaguar Mk2s, that were in New Zealand, finishing them to a very high standard and selling them to Japan, Australia, UK etc as an upmarket fully restored car. Beacham provided a classic Jaguar Mk2 with the comfort of a modern car and a restoration that left no stone left unturned. The father and son team have, arguably, been building the finest upgraded Mk2 Jaguars for over 25 years. To do this, he built a special facility where the cars were completely dismantled, stripped out, shot blasted and any body repairs, welding and finishing was done. There was a separate hi-tech paint shop to complete the body. Finally, the cars were assembled and finished off.

During this process the Jaguar XK engines were restored, the gearbox, steering, suspension and electrics were uprated, chrome wire wheels and a stainless steel exhaust fitted. The cars leaving the world renowned Beacham facilities were essentially new cars with a new identity using the original chassis number. Owning a Beacham places the owner in what is a very distinguished community of Beacham owners.

Year: 1961

Body: 4 Doors Sedan

Exterior: Grey

Interior: Red

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 5356 Miles (As indicated at time of photography)

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered, 1 previous Owners noted on Registration


According to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate that comes with the car, this Jaguar MKII was manufacture on 15 August, 1961. Started live as a RHD, Manual transmission car with Black exterior paint and Red interior trim. It was sold by a New Zealand Dealer and delivered from the factory on 15th September to South Africa to the 1st owner.

In the mid-1970s, the car was bought by Dr. Beacham in New Zealand, one of the world's best-known restorers specializing in Jaguars, completely rebuilt (frame off) and optimized according to the technical standard of the time, the car came with a brochure and scope document.

The car was then acquired by a Japanese dealership who, in order to diversify their investment capital, hired a German to set up a car collection of around 100 cars, including a dozen of Dr Beacham's Jaguars. The car ended up in Japan, but was never driven, only displayed. At the end of the 1980s, the entire car collection was liquidated for financial reasons.

In 1993, the previous owner, Mr. Zieger, together with a few friends, bought 6 Jaguar MKII and 6 Porsche 356 from this collection. He gave this Jaguar to his wife and the car was registered but occasionally driven in Hong Kong, hence the low mileage of around 3,600 miles and the car was stored an air-conditioned garage during the stay. Since Mr. Zieger was relocating to London in 2002, the vehicle was brought to Germany and professionally stored directly at the ARTZ company in Hanover. On October 28, 2007, the vehicle was outsourced and brought to his Ebenroth estate and stored there in Carcoon at a constant 45% humidity.

German Dealer Autosalon Singen bought the vehicle from Mr Zieger in July 2009 and refurbished it. The current keeper bought the car in 2016 and it came back to Hong Kong.


  • A car with charisma

  • Benefitting from a thorough restoration by Beacham in New Zealand

  • Amazing history, low mileage and few number of owners since new

Classic Insider condition score: 80 points out of 100


Fully restored by the well-known New Zealand Classic Car restorer, the car was subjected to a complete nut-and-bolt bare-metal restoration by Beacham and was well-kept and maintained ever since. Presented in grey colour, the exterior has relatively good paint and chrome trims are mostly in good condition. Engine out overhaul was completed during the restoration. The car was upgraded to a 5 speed manual and air conditioning was added. The wire wheels are in good condition and older tires are mounted. The Interior has been well preserved and looks largely original. Engine bay and trunk is tidy. Sparingly used but consistently serviced.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. Available for viewing by appointment for serious interest only.

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Telephone Or Whatsapp: +852 9013 2536

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Led by Sir William Lyons, a revolutionary car was born in Coventry, UK in the late 1950s: the Jaguar MKII. The car was advanced, with a unibody and disc brakes. Particular attention had been paid to the car's silence, vibration damping and a comfortable but sporty suspension. As the Jaguars motto, launched first time with MKII said: “Grace, Space, Pace”.

The end result was a luxurious and sporty large mid-size sedan. A representative car the kind of bank robbers stole as an escape car. And a capable four-door sport saloon that succeeded also as a racing car the kind that German competitors like BMW and Mercedes could only dream of at the time.

The Jaguar MKII quickly rose to ‘car of the year’ status, given the options, it’s easy to see why. The MKII offered 3 engine options: 2.4, 3.4 or 3.8, with the 3.8 being the fastest and most desirable production saloon car of the time.

Due to its high speed and acceleration capabilities, the MKII became highly popular with the Police Force and subsequently with those attempting to get away from said force. It wasn’t long before the MKII would find itself on circuits around the UK and would capture the attention of period racers such as Graham Hill and Jack Sears.


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