FAQ - Our Business

What is a brokerage?

As a broker, we arrange the sale and purchase between two parties.

How is a brokerage different from a dealer?

Unlike dealers, we do not purchase vehicles for resale.

Who pays the brokerage fees?

Upon the successful sale of a consigned vehicle the brokerage fee will be paid by the seller.

What is your fees based on?

Our fees are based on a percentage of the final purchase price with a minimum base fee. Our fee structure is straightforward and transparent, and as free from conflicts of interest as possible.

Why would I choose to deal with a broker?

As a broker, our job is to facilitate the sale. Our objective is to bridge the gap between the seller and the buyer’s expectations. Our goal is to achieve the best deal for both parties. We aim to build long term relationships with our clients and believes that buyers today will be a seller in the future and vice versa, our opinion and advice do not wave no matter which we are advising.

FAQ - You want to sell your car

What type of car do you represent?

We are specialized in classic and collectible vehicles and also vehicles with interesting history or provenance.

I have a car I would like to sell, what is the first step?

Contact us and provide us with information of your beloved car. Include as much background information as you can such as history and maintenance along with some recent photos of the vehicle. Then, we will discuss how you would like us to represent your vehicle for sale. We offer our classic and collectable cars for sale under the following three categories: EXCLUSIVE Listing - these are vehicles that are for sale exclusively though Classic Insider that have interesting history and or good maintenance and history records. Exclusive listing slots are very limited and there is a wait list of vehicles inline to be featured in our exclusive email campaign. MARKETPLACE Listing - these are vehicles that are offered on our marketplace listings that are updated more frequently. DISCREET Listing - if you would like to feature your vehicles in discretion, you may consider a feature in the discreet listing.

Do you need to inspect the car?

After our initial contact, we will review the information you have provided and a visual inspection will be arranged if we feel that your car is a right fit for our client base. After the visual inspection we will share with you our assessment of the vehicles current value in order to set a target price for the vehicle.

How do you value the car?

We valuate a car based on a combination of criteria, such as condition, history, international auction results, insurable value, local selling price and market demand.

What is a consignment agreement?

A consignment agreement is a contract between the seller and Classic Insider that gives us the rights to market the car for a set period of time and a set commission rate. Once we have reached an agreement on the target price, we can proceed to sign a consignment agreement.

How long is a consignment period?

The minimum consignment period is 4 months.

Do you take the car in your possession during the consignment period?

No. We believe cars should be driven and enjoyed so our sellers keep their cars during the consignment period.

How do you market a car?

We take the time and care to write a full description of your car along with any interesting facts and history. A weekly email that spotlights only one vehicle with the description will be sent out to our subscribers. Your listing will also be posted on our website with photos, history and asking price. The listing will also be posted on our social media channels. Sometimes a consignment is taken with a small number of target buyers in mind and will be sold without advertisement. We also run online advertising and print advertising in various trade and consumer publication when warranted.

I have a car but it is not in Hong Kong, can you help me?

Yes. If you are based in Hong Kong and have a car overseas you would like to sell or if you have a car overseas that would interest buyers in Asia, please contact us. We have assisted buyers in shipping cars from Hong Kong overseas and import cars from overseas to Hong Kong.

FAQ - You are looking to buy a car

I see a car I like on your site,  how do I proceed?

Contact us if you would like further information on any car you see listed. We take the time to research the history of each of the cars we take into consignment, each vehicle comes with their own colorful history and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Do I have to pay a commission as a buyer?

We do not charge the buyer any commission. The only fees you may have to pay on top of the purchase price are the fees for the Transport Department and processing fees to transfer the licence if you choose to engage us to process the documents for you.

I am new to buying a classic/collectible car I am worried I will have trouble selling it.

Many of our clients who chose to buy with us also entrust us to sell their prized possession when it is time to say goodbye.

I am worried I am not very familiar with the valuation.

Classic and collectible car value changes constantly, don't hesitate to consult us on your car's current market value.

I don’t know how to obtain the Movement Permit for my classic.

We can help you navigate the formalities in getting a movement permit. To start, please see this short video resources we have created for you.

Can you source a specific car for me?

We have many cars that are not yet featured in our web site and some are intended to be sold discreetly. If there are certain cars you are looking for, please contact us.

I want to start a collection or I want to edit my collection, can you give me some advice?

Contact us if you would like to start or edit your collection of classic and collectible. If you are not sure what make and model will suit you the best, we can help you sort out your criteria and present you with the pros and cons of your top choices so you can make the best decision.

Can I request an inspection?

Yes, if the owner agrees we can arrange an inspection of the car you have viewed at your cost.

I would like to make an offer on a vehicle, any advise?

As mentioned above, we do not carry stock so our margin is low compared to other dealers, we also strive to deliver a fair deal to both seller and buyer. Our valuation on the vehicles reflect this philosophy, therefore try to be mindful when you make an offer. We will present any reasonable offer to the seller.