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Experience the Unmatched Excitement of Our Hand Selected Elite Classic & Collectible Automobiles.  Classic Insider is Hong Kong's Respected Private Brokerage for Discerning Collectors of Classic and Collectible Automobiles


If you are looking for a dealer who is truly passionate and knowledgable about classic and collectible, it's time to contact Classic Insider. 


Our mission is to find the best buyer for the car we represent while adding value with our knowledge and research we put into every car that comes though our office. 


Vehicles that are exclusively represented by Classic Insider are thoroughly research by interviewing the current and sometimes previous owners as well as maintenance personnel. Maintenance documents are thoroughly reviewed and a history file of the car is created before the car goes on the market. 


We handle the process of negotiation, viewing, paper work and delivery professionally while always keeping a balance between the sellers and buyers interest. Obstacles in negotiation are handled with diplomacy and fairness in mind but always backed up with documentation and checked facts.  


We have extensive contacts with current classic and collectible enthusiast but we belief in always expanding and educating newcomers in this market as we move towards expanding the market to a younger audience. 


Classic Insider is founded by Kenneth E.Y. Wong. Mr Wong has gained experience in the market as an operation director, curator and co-auctioneer of the first ever classic car auction house in Hong Kong and held live auctions at The Repulse Bay and Cyberport. He is a concourse judge, regular contributor, keynote speaker and columnist for various automotive and financial media, events and forums. A life-long car enthusiast, with extensive contacts with current classic and collectible enthusiasts, Kenneth believes in always expanding and educating newcomers in this market and moving towards expanding the market to a younger audience.

Please take a few moments to browse our site and current offerings. We are always happy to answer your questions and discuss any cars you are interested in. We look forward to working with you.

Be sure to check out the TESTIMONIALS from our customers!


Classic Car Auction Director, Co-auctioneer, and Curator

Keynote Speaker:

Gold Coast Motor Festival

Rotary Club Event


Media/ Television Interviews:

SCMP, TVB Finance, INVESTMan, MENCLUB, SingTao Daily, BusinessFocus


Published Article/ Monthly Column:


Classic Insider Kenneth Wong


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