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How to get a movement permit for a classic car in Hong Kong

If you have a non-registered vehicle in Hong Kong but would like to participate in classic car events held by clubs authorized by the transport department, you can apply for a movement permit from the Hong Kong Transportation Department.

The process is quite straight forward, but first and foremost, you need to ensure you have the proof of ownership of the vehicle and the vehicle is over 20 years old. Then you can follow these 12 steps for application.

Step 1 :  Become a member of Classic Car Club of Hong Kong and/or Collectors Car Club of Hong Kong.

Step 2 :  Request one of the above clubs to issue a letter of confirmation for the event you are participating in.   

Step 3:  Download and complete form TD371A from the Hong Kong transportation department

Step 4: Obtain third party risk insurance in the name of the owner of the vehicle valid on the day or days for the application of the permit

Step 5: Get a recent photograph of the vehicle

Step 6: Prepare document evidence showing the name of the owner and the age of the vehicle 

Step 7: Get a copy of the identification document of the owner of the vehicle   (HKID card or Passport or Certificate of Incorporation of a company)

Step 8: Prepare the Vehicle Registration Document (i.e. UK V5 from overseas if the vehicle has not been registered in Hong Kong)

Step 9: Prepare evidence to show the date and place from where the motor vehicle was imported to Hong Kong (i.e. bill of lading from shipping company)

Step 10: Prepare valid proof of address (within 3 months)

Step 11: Prepare the application fee of $820

Step 12:  Bring along all of the above documents, letters and photocopies to the Transport Department for processing.

Once approved, the permit is valid for 12 months. But since approval is required for each event that you participate in, you are required to get a letter of confirmation of your participation from one of the authorized clubs every time you need to use the permit. Then you bring the permit and the letter of participation to The Transport Department to process that request.

Here is a short animation on the steps to apply for the permit.


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