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1970 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda | 1.2M HKD

A superior display of power coupled with sporty elegance: the Mercedes-Benz Pagoda presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1963 caused a sensation not only among experts. Delivering effortlessly cool looks coupled to a gutsy performance driven by the creamy smooth six cylinder engines the cars never failed to deliver in terms of refinement and appearance.

The Pagoda was the world's first sports car with an innovative safety body, it is one of the longer lived Mercedes-Benz models, lasting from 1963 through 1971. From 1967 to 1971 the further developed 280 SL came off the production line. The two-seater Roadster is launched with unique comfort, exceptional performance and unprecedented driving safety for a sports car.

Known in Mercedes-Benz circles as the W113, this version of the SL (Literally Sports Lightweight) was developed under the auspices of Mercedes-Benz Technical Director Fritz Nallinger, Chief Engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut and Head of Styling Friedrich Geiger. The lead designers were Paul Bracque and Béla Barényi, who created its distinctive, patented, slightly concave hardtop, which inspired the "Pagoda" nickname.

All models were equipped with a six cylinder engine with multi-port fuel injection. The bonnet, boot lid, door skins and tonneau cover were made of aluminium to reduce weight. The comparatively short and wide chassis, combined with an excellent suspension, powerful brakes gave the W113 superb handling for its time. The styling of the front, with its characteristic upright Bosch "fishbowl" headlights and simple chrome grille, dominated by the large three-pointed star in the nose panel, paid homage to the then already legendary 300 SL roadster and coupe. With the 2.8 L motor, it is a popular and successful representative of the pagoda series and easily achieves very good travel speeds. With this vehicle, you can move safely and comfortably in today’s traffic without stress. The solid, rigid construction, the proven, durable technology, the appropriate performance, its comfortable and safe road holding, the excellent spare parts supply and its well-known workshop friendliness can delight a future owner for many decades to come. In this condition, driving for pleasure and appreciation are inevitable.

Year: 1970

Body: 2 Doors Convertible

Exterior: Tunis Beige Metallic (462H)

Interior: Black

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Automatic

Indicated Mileage: 27,258 Miles

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Original ZF Dealer delivered car registered in 1970, with 3 previous Owners noted on registration


Previously owned by the Shaw Brothers (Run Run Shaw), this is a rare and believed to be 1 of only 3 Hong Kong ZungFu Dealer delivered Pagoda in Hong Kong. Manufactured and First registered in December 1970, it is presented in the original colour combination of Tunis Beige Metallic (462H) body over Black interior with tan colour Soft Top Canvas. The car also comes with the distinctive “Pagoda Roof” hardtop in the same Beige Metallic colour as the body and a hardtop rack. The current owner bought the car 23 years ago, and it is now showing just 3 previous owners on VRD. License Mark AS390 comes with the sale.


  • Classic Mercedes 60s Tunis Beige Metallic over Black Colour Combination

  • It is believed to be 1 of only 3 ZungFu Mercedes Delivered Pagoda

  • Once owned by Shaw Brothers (Run Run Shaw)

  • Low number of owners with long term ownership and consistently maintained

Classic Insider condition score: 75 points out of 100


Original. Mechanical has been consistently maintained. The exterior is in a fair condition and probably needed a full paint restoration after all these years. The chrome exterior parts are surprisingly showing only a bit tarnished and rust free. Rust has been spotted on the underside and in the truck area. A rather unsightly hole has developed overtime inside the engine bay near the driver's side strut tower. The tan convertible soft-top is hidden under the body coloured hardtop roof and we were told it is in full working order but the current condition wasn't visible at the time of photography. Original wheels and caps come with older tires. The Interior is still in an OK condition and the car comes equipped with the 3rd dog seat and fully legal to carry 3 passengers. We also found a fully functional but non-original radio and a very effective air conditioner. Engine bay and trunk is a bit tired and need a full clean-up. Mechanically solid, the car starts on a dime, revs and shift happily.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. Available for viewing by appointment for serious interest only.

For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Wong

Telephone Or Whatsapp: +852 9013 2536

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2002 April @ 19891 Miles

  • Transmission out and perform full overhaul

2002 December

  • Full inspection. Refresh engine, new injector, new starter, new battery

  • Full oil and filter service

  • Inspect and repair flywheel

  • New alternator and refresh fuse & circuit

2003 November @21285 Miles

  • Replace soft top, renew hinges and mechanism

  • Replace steering rack, alignment

  • Full oil and filter service

2006 September @21948 Miles

  • Full engine inspection, belts and pulley, new fuel lines, New set of spark plugs,

  • Brake overhaul. New brake lines, New front and rear brake pumps, new pads and rotors

  • Full oil and filter service

  • New shifter bush

  • Wax and cleaning body

2007 April @22879 Miles

  • Replaced all Muffler bush

  • Refresh A/C system, valves, new compressor, pump, freon, new cooling fan, coils

  • New belts

  • New front suspension bush set

  • Refresh rear suspension tower and diff

  • New wheel bearings

  • Refresh brake rotors

2007 November @22943 Miles

  • Full inspection and MOT

  • Transmission gaskets

2008 September @23428 miles

  • New spark plugs

  • Ignition overhaul

  • New fuel lines, fuel pumps

  • Refresh belts and pulley

2011 March

  • Full service

  • Rear diff bush and rubber change

  • A/C refresh

  • Full overhaul fuel and ignition system

  • Engine out overhaul (Piston, rings, crankshaft, water pump, lines, hose, intake, exhaust valves, throttle body, gaskets)

  • Brakes full overhaul

2012 April @24108 Miles

  • Full service, overhaul fan and cooling system

2013 June @24705 Miles

  • Full Service + A/C service

2014 August @25015 Miles

  • Full Service + Brake Service

2015 December

  • Full Service + engine gasket, Belts

2019 March @26588 Miles

  • Full Service + Under body de-rust

  • New Tires

2020 March @26975 Miles

  • Full checkup and service

  • Under Body De-rust

2020 May

  • A/C service, repair leak

  • Repair instrument cluster

**Service records available upon request


The much awaited Mercedes W113 SL Roadster took centre stage during the 1963 Geneva Motor Show. The budding 230SL was slated to replace both the 190SL and the iconic 300SL – an ominous task as the 300SL was a performance brute, but the 190SL, was nearly the opposite. The Pagoda SL delivered perfectly, proving immediately appealing to customers seeking a charming and sporty car with clean styling and captivating details, but also offering spirited performance. The clarity and simplicity of design continued under the hood with technical advancements including Bosch fuel-injection, overhead-cam six cylinder engine, all of which delivered reliable performance. A convertible top, and substantial trunk space allowed for elegant presence and practical traveling, even over long distances. Among the many features offered in the car, several innovative safety aspects were incorporated into the unique body design including being the first sports car with a rigid passenger cell and designated crumple zones, industry standard today, but thoroughly new for a sports car in 1963.

This SL class broke away from the past with an extremely progressive design. However, this was no super-sports car or ordinary convertible. Instead, it was a powerful and elegant open-air two-seater model with an extremely roomy cabin and advanced safety features for the time. The hard top, with its concave curved lines, a concept designed to improve the indoor space, immediately evoked the idea of an oriental pagoda in the minds of Mercedes enthusiasts, and in the years to come, it became this model’s stylistic feature. From that moment on, the roadster became known as the “pagoda”.

The Mercedes Pagoda SL was also a commercial success and its mix of great features is still attracting vintage car collectors today.


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