Aston Martin V8 Coupe | $720K HKD (REDUCED)

There is rare and there is unique! The car we are delighted to offer is rare and certainly unique! And what make this particular car unique is the interesting backstory. One of the last hand-built Aston Martins and with only 101 cars ever made; this outstanding example is everything you would expect from the ‘quintessentially British’ motoring legend that is Aston Martin.

Power, Beauty and Soul.

The owner has a sudden change of hearts and never moved to Hong Kong. So since arrival, the car was never driven for 18 years and parked under a building in Fortress Hill in the same parking spot for a total of 14 years! Fortunately the car was underground and protected from the direct sunlight and elements, but no one touched the car for those 18 years. First registered in Singapore to a banker on Oct 23, 1996, it was the only Aston Martin V8 Coupe delivered at the time, in the entire country. It was driven in Singapore for just six months and with just 5080 KM on the odometer, it was stored away since. In 1998, the owner decided to de-registered the car and have it shipped to Hong Kong because he was going to move his business here. The move never materialized, so since arrival, the car has never been driven for 18 years and parked in the same parking spot for no less than 14 years!

In 2012, the car was transferred to a friend (current owner) who then started an extensive restoration project to recommission the car. The car actually needed to be re-imported to get back on the road, the whole process took 4 years and it was completed just as car turned 20 years old.

Today, the car has only done just 7000 km, but due to unavoidable replacement of the odometer at 6600km, the new odometer only shows ~1000 km. Everything in the car is original with the exception of the stereo which was replaced with a Pioneer flip-up unit. The original Alpine system is kept so it can be reverted back to 100% original. Whilst the original tires had only travelled 5080 km they had become hard and were replaced by a fresh set of Pirellis.

The car has had numerous parts replaced that deteriorated during its 18 years in storage. The car now drives like a dream and is in as new condition. The red pin stripe has been removed as this was not original from Aston Martin. The paint work is original and shows no sign of deterioration. The condition of the car throughout can only be described today as excellent in every respect.

Year: 1996

Body: 2 Doors

Exterior: Black

Interior: Black

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Automatic

Indicated Mileage: 1073KM (Indicated) ~7000KM (Actual)

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered (0 owners shown on VRD)

History: Being the only V8 Coupe originally delivered in Singapore in October1996, De-registered and Shipped to Hong Kong in December 1998. The car was parked and never moved for the next18 years. Current owner took over and started a full re-commissioning work for the car. Completed just as the car turns 20 years old, then re-registered for road use in June 2017.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Wong


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  • Fascinating Story to re-commission a "barn-find"

  • 2 owners since new, sparingly driven, as-new condition throughout

  • Documented history and service

It’s the sheer presence of these formidable cars that first holds your attention. In classic Black it really is stunning and a joy to behold from every angle. Few cars, even to this day, command quite the same level of awe and respect that is afforded to this masterpiece of automotive design.

Then you have the interior; step inside and you are surrounded by hand-crafted opulence. Sumptuous Connolly Leather in Black, contrasting beautifully the traditional wood veneers and chrome fittings, surely this is one of Aston Martin’s finest hand-crafted interiors.

The final part of the equation comes in the form of fabulous engineering. Nothing else sounds like a hand-built Aston Martin V8, just turning the key and revving the engine is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, but of course it’s out on the open road that it all comes together.