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2018 Alpine A110 Premier Edition | SOLD

The Alpine A110 is Renault Group's modern-day "re-imagination" of an iconic sports car from the 1960s, the A110 Berlinette, taking plenty of inspiration from the original car without being just a carbon-copy. The four headlamps is the most obvious nod to the original, but a number of lines, creases and shapes also have roots in the sixties, and that's nostalgia.

The new Alpine A110 is also properly cutting-edge car to drive. Aluminium construction makes it super-light and makes it a dynamic match for its closest rival, the Porsche Cayman and Alpine has done an incredible job in coming up with a truly credible alternative. In terms of performance, desirability and – importantly – driver involvement, the A110 matches it every step of the way.


Inspired by Alpine’s rich heritage, the A110 places driving pleasure front and centre. The mid-engined, two-seater sports car takes Alpine’s core principles - agility, compact size and lightweight build - and deploys them with modern day expertise. In its element both on the racetrack and a winding mountain road, the A110 is still refined and effortless to use every day

Having received rave reviews from just about every motoring journalist that has driven the car, its refreshing take on a performance car has been received very well. Although the A110 has a relatively modest 248 BHP the Alpine is all about weight saving and tips the scales at just over 1,100 KG making it a very potent package in terms of accelerating, stopping power and most importantly handling.

Although the A110 exterior has some quite obvious design ques which pay homage to the original 1961 Alpine A110 it is still a very modern, beautiful looking car. The A110 interior is stunning, its Sabelt bucket seats are a sensation with the perfect cabin layout and driving position for anybody looking to enjoy the car as it is intended to be.

"Alpine's A110 comeback car manages to be both fun and interesting on UK roads at almost any speed" - AutoCar

"A terrific car, a genuine exponent of light weight and something pleasingly different to drive" - Top gear

The A110 is simply stunning to drive and It is mostly due to the car’s low weight. It’s made largely from aluminium, allowing it to tip the scales at less than 1100kg, which is around 350kg lighter than a Porsche Cayman S. What little weight there is, is distributed very evenly between all four wheels, and because the car is so low, the centre of gravity sits right next to your hips. This means the car really feels like it’s turning around you, making you feel right in the centre of the action, and that makes the car wonderfully involving to drive. That’s accompanied by quick, accurate steering, responsive pedals, a polished gearbox and very sharp body control, and it all adds up to a car that changes direction with incredible precision and agility. The A110’s lightweight stature also helps the car’s ride quality, because the engineers haven’t had to make the suspension rock hard in order to control body movement, so it mops up bumps really well. If you’re looking to maximise lap times, a Cayman will probably be quicker, but if you’re looking to have fun, the A110 more than competes.

The A110 is powered by a turbocharged 1.8-litre petrol engine delivering 252 horsepower through the rear wheels, via a seven-speed twin-clutch automatic gearbox. Don’t be fooled by the relatively modest power output; when a car is this light, that’s all the power you need for some seriously impressive results. The engine is eager to get going at low revs and becomes more and more frenetic as the revs climb higher and higher, so the pickup is always fast regardless of whether you’re already going at a fair old lick, or pulling away from a standstill. Importantly to those interested in bragging rights, the A110 accelerates from 0-62mph quicker than the Cayman S. Selecting Sport mode gives you sharper responses from the throttle and makes the gearbox hang onto lower gears for longer, making the car feel edgier and more aggressive, but it always does a great job of swapping through the gears smoothly and quickly without upsetting the car.

If you place driving enjoyment at the very top of your list of priorities and for drivers looking to be involved, beguiled and intoxicated by the way their car drives, there’s now something you’ll absolutely love.


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