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Tomiyoshi Racing Honda NSX | SOLD

Famously developed with input from Ayrton Senna and endorsed as ‘monumental’ by Gordon Murray, the Honda NSX was, and still is, an automotive legend. Murray even purchased and drove one on a daily basis, which he described as being, ‘very dear to his heart’. The beauty of the NSX was not a headline-grabbing top speed or a colossal power output, but rather the expertly balanced combination of its chassis and powertrain. It is the byword for a useable and approachable supercar, and as such is all but immune to the passing of time and progression of technology.

How do you improve an already near-perfect car?

The seller has turned to Tomiyoshi Racing and the result is NOT for the faint-hearted. For any NSX performance minded enthusiast, Tomiyoshi Racing needs no introduction, as they are the specialist that built the legendary "Kyushu Danji NSX" that broke the Tsukuba Circuit track record for a Normally Aspirated car at 56’959. The famed Tsukuba Circuit in Japan is similar to Nurburgring in the sense that it’s used as a gauge by which automakers and tuners rank just how good their cars are. Sub 1-minute Tsukuba times are respected, while anything faster than 57-seconds is considered impressive.

This special NSX we are offering today started life as an unmolested Hong Kong delivered 1991 Acura NSX NA1. A "no expenses spared" and more than 24 months long project was commissioned by the seller. The car was sent to Tomiyoshi Racing in Japan to do a ground-up restore and modified with the intentions to make this the ultimate NA Engined NSX track-day special.

The seller went as far as purchasing an NSX Type-S Zero parts car as the donor for parts. A full rotisserie nut and bolt restoration as evidenced by racing primer grey paint on belly and interior of cabin. Based on the "Kyushu-Danji" car, this car received a full NA2 Type-S Zero C32B engine transplant and completed wiring harness, 6 speed manual transmission complete with LSD, ABS II System and a manual steering rack (extremely hard to source) all from the Type-S Zero. Sorcery Exhaust, Stainless steel manifolds and High Flow Sport Catalytic converters were also installed. If you want even more hardcore, De-Cat straight pipes are included in sale.

Of course, the C32B wasn't left alone, the engine was subjected to a full Tomiyoshi upgrade, with Tomiyoshi Racing Independent Throttle Body, Intake Trumpets and stand alone AEM Engine Management. To avoid oil starvation, a large capacity, Baffled (Dry Sum) oil pan is installed. The car now features super fast throttle response and needless to say, it revs like a motorbike engine.

On the outside, you will notice NSX-R NA2 headlamps and NA2 tail lamps, but most noticeable of course is the addition of an original Sorcery Widebody Kit and motorized Ganador bullet mirrors. You can see the difference compared to the Silver NSX NA2 pictured below. The seller opted for a more street friendly front air splitter and instead of the SARD custom 3D rear wing from the Japanese JGTC units as seen on "Kyushu-Danji" NSX, it's got the NSX-R “street” wing. The car is completed with Cold Air Intake box custom made by Tracy Sports. Custom JGTC plexiglass hatch with Ram-air scoop intake is not installed but comes with the sale.

Wheels are custom made by Jongbloed, a well-respected wheel producer for USA racing circuits. The custom ordered offsets to match the aero kit with18” front and 19” rear. Different styles side to side but at the exact same weight. An extra set of dedicated track-use 17”/18” Volk Racing CE28N wheels in bronze also comes with the sale. Suspension is a Full Custom Ohlins Coil overs & springs and all suspension arms replaced at time of rebuild.

NSX NA2 brake calipers are retained. Honda made improvements over NA1 designs to improve brake bias matching during high speed braking and cornering. Front/Rear Rotors are upgraded to large diameter slotted units from US based performance outfit; Racing Brake. These brakes are designed for track duties.

Inside, although this car was based on "Kyushu-Danji", the seller did compromised to allow some creature comfort on the street. Instead of a fully striped down, roll-caged track-focused car like the "Kyushu-Danji", air conditioning and a set of comfortable RECARO leather sports seats complimented a complete STACK Digital Meter dash was installed.

Want to learn more about Tomiyoshi Racing NSX? Check out these videos

This is a video of the car which this car was based off, setting lap record of 56.959. This car has a similar stack and center console set up.

In this video Tomiyoshi R NSX-T in current form that made 54.101 after going to turbo.


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