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The last-of-the-line in traditional Porsches, these Carrera 3.2’s are the best way to deliver the famous air-cooled old-world Porsche driving experience. Evoking a time before power steering and other driving aids altered modern Porsches forever, this Porsche offers today’s lucky driver the authentic driving experience that made Porsche 911’s legendary.

Presented here is possibly the ultimate version of the 3.2 Carrera, a UK delivered M491 Carrera Supersport, believed to be 1 of only 100 such C16 models produced in 1986. Initially, option M491 was only available on a coupé via the Special Wishes programme, but was later extended to include a Turbo-Look Targa and Cabriolet in 1985, then became an official model in 1986 and was officially known as a 'Carrera SuperSport'. From 1987 the designation was officially changed to SSE (Supersport Equipment).

Imported to Hong Kong in 2012, the current owner always ensured that the car is well-maintained and serviced. Three years ago, the car has gone through a host of restoration work, including a full respray in its original color. Taking the opportunity, the interior was re-carpeted, the leather seats re-upholstered and some minor bodywork issues were addressed at the same time. Furthermore, the suspension bushings and mounts are replaced. All this maintenance means the car drives and performs very well, negating somewhat its current documented mileage of 160,000 miles. This car still has lots to give thanks to its dutiful ownership history.

Year: 1986

Body: 2 Doors

Exterior: Black

Interior: Black

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: 915 Manual 5 Speed Gearbox

Indicated Mileage: 160,000 miles (Indicated)

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: First Registered in 2012

History: Delivered in UK in 1986. Imported and Registered in Hong Kong in 2012, single ownership since import.

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  • Highly desirable M491 Wide body

  • Restored and maintained throughout the last 6 years of ownership

  • A unique car in Hong Kong


The 911 3.2 had a redesigned engine inlet and exhaust system, along with the fitment of a service-free Digital Engine Management ignition system (DME), in conjunction with Bosch L-Jetronic fuel metering. This resulted in a significant increase in engine performance but a significant reduction in fuel consumption, through better engine efficiency and fuel cut-off when coasting. With a capacity of 3.2 litres, and a high compression ratio of 10.3:1, the air-cooled 6-cylinder, horizontally opposed engine produces an output of 230 bhp, at 5,900 rpm. Maximum torque is 284 Nm at 4,800 rpm, and the maximum speed, limited by electronic fuel cut-out, is 152 mph. Acceleration to 60 mph was achieved in under 6 seconds. This Super Sport Equipment or SSE model, was styled to resemble the Porsche 930 Turbo with its wide wheel arches and the distinctive “tea tray” tail spoiler. They also featured the stiffer Turbo suspension and the superior Turbo braking system as well as the wider Turbo wheels.

'M491' was not just a sop to the excesses of the 1980s, with flared arches evoking the appearance of some dramatic Porsche models from the past, but was a popular option offering the 'macho' good looks of the Turbo without the mechanical complexities. However, it was not cheap adding over £10,000 to the cost of a standard variant by the end of the model’s life in 1989, possibly explaining the relatively small build numbers. The spec also included a limited slip differential, the stiffer suspension and superior braking system from the 930 Turbo, a wrap-around deep chin-spoiler, the famous ‘tea-tray’ rear spoiler, and wider Fuchs alloy wheels. The rarity of M491/Supersport models is undeniable, especially in right-hand drive, but official figures are hard to come by. A respected source quotes that just 651 C16 (UK-supplied) M491 cars (including all Coupés, Targas and Cabriolets) were manufactured between 1984 and 1989.


Porsche in 1984 began offering the M491 option on the 3.2 Carrera. It remained an option on the 3.2 from 84 to 89. Finally, direct from the Porsche factory, you could order your normally aspirated Carrera with just about everything the Turbo had, minus the actual turbo of course. This wasn’t just a Carrera with stretched fenders. It included:

  • The wide-body

  • The turbo whale tail

  • The turbo wrap-around chin spoiler

  • The turbo suspension

  • The turbo brakes with 285 mm cross-drilled discs and four-piston aluminium brake calipers

  • The wheels and tires

  • A slight weight increase but a noticeable handling improvement over the standard Carrera

The M491 option didn’t come cheap. The high cost kept orders and production numbers low, making these genuine M491 equipped models very special, very rare and increasingly a good investment. The M491 Carreras are also highly desirable as track cars given the Turbo handling paired up with the bulletproof 3.2 engine and they were somewhat overlooked until recently as collectables.


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