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Ferrari 599 Manual HGTE | #SOLD

1 of ONLY 30 RHD 599 GTB Manual & one of the LAST THREE 599 left the production line with HGTE Handling Pack and Manual Transmission! This Enzo powered, HGTE Handling Pack equipped Manual 599 GTB is definitely a collector's item.

Boasting an engine derived directly from the Ferrari Enzo, the 599 GTB is a ground-breaking achievement for Ferrari. 611 bhp, 5,999 cc DOHC 65-degree V-12 engine, six-speed manual transmission, front and rear independent suspension with double wishbones, coil springs, an anti-roll bar, and electronically controlled telescopic dampers; and four-wheel ventilated disc brakes. Marketed as a dual-purpose grand touring and sportscar, the 599 could easily outmatch the performance of Ferrari’s iconic F40, even with all of its luxury accoutrements. It is also significant as the last front-engined, 12-cylinder Ferrari offered with a traditional six-speed manual transmission, as the new F12 Berlinetta could only be had with an F1-style dual clutch transmission.

While standard F1-transmission equipped 599s are relatively common in the marketplace, due to their sheer rarity, the manual-transmission examples are seldom ever offered for sale. The Manual-transmission 599 GTBs have cemented their status as a modern-day collectible and will be treasured for years to come. Thus, an opportunity to acquire a manual 599 GTB is an opportunity that should not be missed.


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