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1972 Maserati Bora 4.7 | N/A

Thanks to the Legendary designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Bora is one of those cars that looks fast even when it is standing still.

The Bora was introduced in 1971 with a 4.7 litre engine, as this example sports. With styling by Guigiaro at Italdesign it was very much Maserati's offering to take on Ferrari into the 1970s. The sleek look and 170 mph + performance found no shortage of buyers and a slight upgrade was made in 1973 with an extra 200cc of engine capacity. Some 564 were produced in total before the model was phased out in 1978. Many enthusiasts of the marque view the Bora as the ultimate Maserati in terms of performance and handling and style. The five speed transmission is the race-proven and dependable ZF, which the Bora has in common with the multi Le Mans winning Ford GT-40, DeTomasso Pantera and even the BMW M1.

The example offered here is a remarkably well historied machine. It was supplied to the UK when brand new, but also lived and enjoyed on the roads here in Hong Kong. This Bora has been no mere show piece! It has taken part in the 1985 Macau Supercar Cup in the hands of Jimmy Yee. Later it was bought by a notable and high profile ex-pat British business man who added the car to his personal collection of over 100 motor cars in the United Kingdom. The Bora resided there, living a life of pampered luxury for many years until it was tracked down and re-imported to Hong Kong, the attraction being that it was an original Hong Kong registered car. This Bora was recently treated to a full reconditioning by the authorised Maserati dealership here in Hong Kong. With only 47 of these cars produced in right hand drive this is the rarest of Bora specifications and with prices rising globally, this just has to be the right moment to treat yourself to arguably the defining super car experience.

Year: 1972

Body: 2 Doors Coupe

Exterior: Blue

Interior: Black

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 37,000 Miles

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered

History: Originally delivered 1972 in the UK. First imported to Hong Kong in October 1981, Registered in Feb 1982. Racing history in Macau driven by Jimmy Yee. Sold back to the UK but returned to Hong Kong in 2012. Currently showing 3 previous owners on VRD.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Wong

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  • Macau Racing History

  • One of only 47 Right Hand Drive Bora in the world

  • 70s Master Piece by Giugiaro

  • One of the prettiest mid engined Maserati ever made

The Maserati Bora (Tipo 117) is a mid-engined two-seat coupe manufactured by Maserati, powered by a V8 engine. Produced from 1971 to 1978, it has a top speed of 171 miles per hour (275 km/h). It is classified as a supercar and is considered by some to be the pinnacle of Maserati performance.

Maserati decided to install a subtly uprated version of their familiar DOHC 90° V8, displacement having been 4719 cc thanks to a bore and stroke of 93.9 x 85 mm. Mounted longitudinally, compression was set at 8.5:1 and with four Weber 42 DCNF downdraught carbs and electronic Bosch ignition, the Bora could boast 310 bhp (230 kW) at 6000 rpm. Great attention was paid to reducing noise and vibration, the engine and five-speed ZF transaxle being mounted on a subframe attached to the monocoque via four flexible mounts. The body was created by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Ital Design, fabrication of the all-steel panels being contracted to Officine Padane of Modena.


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Eager to establish their technical prowess in design and engineering, Maserati unveiled the Bora to an anxious public in 1971. The mid-engine car was in response to the stunning Lamborghini Miura. At the time, the Ferrari Daytona, introduced in 1968, employed a conventional front engine V12 layout, so the decision to make the Ghibli’s replacement mid-engined demonstrated Maserati’s interest in beating Ferrari to the mid-engined flagship party. Powered by a development of Maserati’s fantastic quad cam alloy V8, directly descended from the 450S racecar, the Bora was an impressive performer. The exterior, penned by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Italdesign, was striking and angular, evoking an inviting combination of brutality and restraint. The engine compartment was uniquely covered in a glass clamshell canopy, accented by a low roofline covered in brushed stainless steel.

In addition to the striking exterior design and engine layout, the Bora was also technically innovative. The sophisticated V8 engine (available in either 4.7 or 4.9 liter displacements) was backed by a ZF 5-speed transaxle featuring independent suspension all around, a welcome improvement over the live rear axle Ghibli. During development, Maserati was under Citroen’s ownership and thus, their unique hydraulic braking system was included in the Bora. The hydraulic system also powered retractable headlamps, height adjustable driver’s seat, and adjustable pedals (which moved fore and aft in lieu of the seat moving). And while performance was the ultimate goal, usability and refinement were also built into the Bora, a departure from the typical Italian exotic of the period. The luggage compartment was usefully shaped and surprisingly large, and long-legged drivers appreciated the adjustable pedal cluster and steering column. The bulkhead between the engine and the passenger’s compartment was well insulated, including the fitment of double paned glass. Performance of the car was suitably exciting, with an engine output exceeding 300hp even in US delivery cars, and a top speed of over 170mph. Production ran for seven years, resulting in fewer than 600 Boras, of which approximately half were 4.9 liter cars.

The Maserati Bora has recently become recognized by collectors as one of the more desirable performance cars of the period. Embodying all the important characteristics for a highly collectible car, the Bora offers technical innovation and high performance, coupled with an exceptionally rare and visually striking body design.


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