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Ferrari 575M F1 | SOLD

The Ferrari 575M Maranello (Type F133) is grand tourer launched in 2002, it is essentially an updated 550 Maranello featuring updated styling changes from Pininfarina, including a redesigned interior and substantial mechanical improvements, bigger brake discs, a larger and more powerful engine, improved weight distribution, refined aerodynamics and fluid-dynamics along with an adaptive suspension set-up. For the first time on a Ferrari V12, Magneti Marelli's "F1" automated manual gearbox was offered. The 575 model number refers to total engine displacement in liters, whilst the 'M' is an abbreviation of Modificato. A total of 2,056 cars were produced. The car we are offering was first registered in 2004 and presented in Grigio Titanio with Tan leather interior and has only covered 34,000 KM. Punctuated by aerodynamic slashes and cooling vents, this 575M shows off its sharp and elegant Pininfarina lines to perfection under natural sunlight. The paint is deep and lustrous across the bodywork, with just a couple of small blemishes, door dings and stone chips to note.

BACKGROUND AND HISTORY: A Refined and Definitive Modern Collectible Ferrari. Like the cars that made Ferrari famous in the 1950s and 1960s, the 575M Maranello is a true Grand Tourer meant for high-speed, cross-country travel, with the essential Ferrari aura accounted for.

Ferrari introduced the 575M Maranello as a replacement for the 550 at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show. The features that made the 575 Maranello unique were all referred to in its name.

The 575 indicated the fact that it’s effective displacement had been boosted from 5500 to 5750 cc which resulted in a subsequent increase in power and torque. In line with traditional Ferrari terminology, the M stood for “Modificato” meaning that all round performance had been modified & boosted.

Apart from the work done on the engine, this was also the very first time that an F1-style gearbox had been used on road-going Ferrari V12 too. It was decided not to modify the beautifully sober and balanced styling of the 550 which had earned it instant classic status and which was actually perfectly in tune with Ferrari’s return to the high performance front-engined Berlinetta scene.


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