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2001 Ferrari 360 Modena F1 Coupe | #SOLD

The 360 Modena offered here shows exceptionally low mileage and benefits from a low number of ownership since newly delivered by AutoItalia here in Hong Kong. This well documented and cared for 360 Modena is accompanied by factory books and a Ferrari-branded flashlight in a leather case, tool kit, service invoices, Ferrari car cover, seat covers and steering wheel cover. The timing belt, accessory belts, and various tensioners were replaced, so was the complete clutch, fuel pump, fuel lines, Mass Air Flow Sensors according to accompanying service invoices. On top, the camshaft seals and valve-cover gaskets replaced and new tires mounted by current owner less than 12 months ago.

Surely every car enthusiast should own a Ferrari at some point in their life, so maybe now is the time and this is the car! This low mileage 360 is an excellent gateway into Ferrari ownership and once behind the wheel it is hard not to fall under the car’s considerable charms. Powerful, refined and easy to drive, there is a palpable sense of occasion to be had every time you climb behind the wheel.


In 1999, Ferrari knew that it was time to replace their much loved 355 and consequently the 360 was introduced to critical acclaim and immediately set a new benchmark for supercar styling and performance. The 360 Modena design was revolutionary, making extensive use of lightweight materials in its construction resulting in a much lighter car along with substantially increased rigidity. Ferrari also paid particular attention to improving the under-body aerodynamics using knowledge gained from their F1 programme and the 360 boasts a completely flat bottom with two prominent rear diffusers.

The 3586cc engine produced a staggering 400bhp, resulting in a 0-60 time of just 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 186mph, and the Pininfarina designed bodyshell presented an exceptionally clean, low-drag profile without the need for additional wings, flares or blisters. Another striking feature is the large glass rear screen that proudly displays the engine in all its glory. Introduced at the Geneva Show in March 1999 the 360 Modena, not unsurprisingly, swelled Ferrari's order books and within weeks there was a two-year waiting list.

The 360 Modena was a clean-sheet design that anticipated trends for future Ferrari road cars. It was the first production Ferrari to be constructed entirely in aluminum. Chassis, body shell, and suspension wishbones were all made from the lightweight material. This allowed engineers to provide the best overall performance and handling ever achieved in a mid-engine Ferrari up to that point. The chassis was designed by Ferrari and built in collaboration with Alcoa. This partnership was able to create a structure that was 40 percent stronger in structural rigidity while also achieving a 28-percent weight reduction compared to the previous 355. The suspension mounting points are one-piece castings and the chassis was assembled on a CNC workstation, the same technique used for the F50.

The 360 Modena was the 163rd Ferrari to be designed by Pininfarina and combines elements of classic Ferraris, such as the 268SP, 250LM and Dino. The 360 Modena was also the first modern Ferrari to display the longitudinally mounted V-8 engine under a glass cover, a feature which persists to this day on the F8 Tributo.

During a six-year production run, some 8,800 360s were produced, the vast majority of buyers choosing the F1 automated manual gearbox, with flappy paddles mounted on the steering column for the best snappy gear changes.


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