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Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster | SOLD

The subject car of un-imaginable number of posters that hung on the walls of thousands of teenage enthusiasts in the mid to late-1990s, Lamborghini Diablos are being rediscovered as one of the most exciting supercars of its era. Despite being two decades old, it'll still turn heads where ever it goes.

The Lamborghini Diablo (meaning ‘Devil’ in Spanish) was introduced as Lamborghini’s new flagship in 1990 to replace their outgoing Countach. It used a 5.7L mid-mounted V12, with 4 valves-per-cylinder, dual overhead cams and fuel injection, which produced 485bhp and was Lamborghini’s first car to exceed the celebrated top speed of 200mph. While a handful of open-top Lamborghini concepts had been teased to the public in the company’s past, Lamborghini’s first production convertible and one of the most celebrated variants of the Diablo, would be the Diablo VT Roadster, the start of a wonderful line of Lamborghini V-12 roadsters.

The Diablo VT Roadster is one of the last of the Lamborghinis built before Audi took over the company. Exact numbers of these cars is a hotly disputed area, however it would be reasonable to assume around 400 Lamborghini Diablo 5.7L VT models were made between 1993 -1998, where approximately 10% were Right Hand Drive cars. Combining rarity, performance, looks, and an important place in Lamborghini’s history, it is worthy of any collection or Lamborghini aficionado.

This RHD Diablo VT Roadster we are offering originally left the Sant'Agata factory in Rosso Diablo over Tan color-way. During the current ownership, it has undergone a full paint refinish and now spotting an even more stunning Nero Black scheme combine with black wheel with polished lips and the beautifully contrasting original tan leather interior and carpeting. Delivered by the official Lamborghini Dealer in Hong Kong in September 1996 and has only 4 owners from new. This Diablo VT remained with a careful and meticulous custodian since 2003 and has been very well loved whilst in his care. It checks all the right boxes, featuring the original owner handbook, leather folio and tool roll, no accident records throughout its lifetime and the car drives excellently, with the gearbox, engine, brakes, suspension, cooling system all operating perfectly. Although the odometer is not functioning anymore, it is believed to have accumulated only 1000 kilometres a year.

Year: 1996

Body: 2 Doors Targa

Exterior: Nero (Black)

Interior: Tan

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 9400 KM (True mileage unknown)

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Registered in Hong Kong

History: Originally delivered by Hong Kong Lamborghini Dealer in September1996. 4 previous owners indicated on VRD. Last owner since 2003. Leather pouches, Books pack, Tools included.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Wong

Telephone Or Whatsapp: +852 9013 2536

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  • Originally Hong Kong delivered car with service history

  • Design by Marcello Gandini and 1 of only 400 VT Roadsters built

  • Kept by the current owner for the last fifteen years, Fully Serviced and ready to Enjoy

Service Records

Jan 2019

The car has undergone an extensive $170,000 Engine and Transmission Out Full Refresh Service which includes new belts and pulley, spark plugs, engine valve gaskets, all fluids and filters changed including A/C Freon, Coolant, Gearbox Oil, Steering Fluid, Engine Oil, Air Filter and Fuel Filter. Complete New Clutch System including Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Clutch Bearing, Clutch Salve Cylinder. Replaced all Front and Rear Suspension with new Bushing. Replaced wheel bearing and ball joint. Repaired complete exhaust system.


After 17 years in production, the legendary Countach was replaced by the Diablo, which on its arrival was the fastest, most advanced and most expensive Lamborghini ever built. First exhibited publicly at Monaco in January 1990, the Diablo improved on its illustrious predecessor in every way, setting a new benchmark in supercar design. It came as no surprise to learn that it had been styled by Marcello Gandini, the man responsible for the Lamborghini Miura and Countach, for the family resemblance was obvious.

Beneath the skin there was a steel spaceframe chassis, developed from the Countach's, but constructed of square-section rather than round tubing and incorporating 'crumple zones' at front and rear. The use of carbon fiber composite panels, first seen in the Countach Evoluzione model, was extended to the Diablo, which also featured revised suspension capable of accommodating the envisaged future developments of four-wheel drive and active suspension. Stretched to 5.7 liters for the Diablo, Lamborghini's 48-valve V12 engine gained fuel injection for the first time, producing its maximum of 492bhp at 7,000rpm. Of equal, if not greater significance, maximum torque went up to 428lb/ft, an improvement of 55% over the Countach. Catalytic converters were standard, enabling the reworked V12 to meet emissions requirements worldwide.

With more power and a lower drag coefficient than the Countach, the Diablo easily eclipsed its forebear, exceeding 200mph (322km/h) on test. More importantly, its acceleration and top speed figures were marginally better than those of the Ferrari F40. Although one of the world's most expensive cars, the Diablo was not a limited edition model like the latter but a series production car with a luxuriously appointed interior reflecting its designers' intention to produce a civilized Gran Turismo as suited to city streets and motorways as the racetrack. Four-wheel drive Diablo VT, with 'VT' standing for Viscous Traction, and Targa-style open roadster versions soon followed and then came the Diablo SE (Special Edition.)

The Diablo VT was launched in 1993, with ‘VT’ standing for ‘Viscous Traction’, thus making it the first Diablo with all wheel drive, with up to 25% of the torque directed to the front wheels to aid traction during rear wheel slip, thus significantly improving the handling characteristics of the car. Along with a 5 Speed manual transmission, Other improvements debuting on the VT included front air intakes below the driving lamps to improve brake cooling, larger intakes in the rear arches, a more ergonomic interior with a revised dashboard, electronically adjustable dampers, four-piston brake calipers, power steering, and minor engine refinements.

The Roadster, the first widely produced convertible by Lamborghini, originally appeared at the Bologna Auto Show in December of 1995. With the roof removed and the windscreen shortened dramatically, the famous scissor doors remained and the chassis was bolstered to make up for the lack of a permanent roof. Over the following five years, Lamborghini built around 400 VT Roadster versions which featured removable targa top made entirely of carbon fiber that was stored above the engine bonnet when not in use. The Diablo Roadster began a new tradition of Lamborghini producing an open top version of their flagship V12 models which has passed down their later models, such as Murciélago, Aventador and Reventon combining rarity, aesthetic design and performance while keeping an important place in Lamborghini lore.

Externally, the new VT Roadster differed in a number of ways from its closed sibling. These changes included a slightly lower windscreen, larger rear air intakes, new OZ wheels, new doors with beveled door glass, and an all-new rear bumper. The Diablo’s hardtop roof could be easily removed and stowed over the engine cover, an innovative solution that meant the driver would never be left without the car’s top in the event of a sudden downpour, as was often the case with similar convertible supercars. By the time production concluded on the Diablo VT Roadster, less than 400 examples had been produced.


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