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2000 Plymouth Prowler RHD

2000 Plymouth Prowler RHD

2000 Plymouth Prowler RHD with Automatic Transmission





The Plymouth Prowler was based on the design of the legendary car designer & multiple SEMA award winner Chip Foose’s famous hot rod - the Hemistfear.


The prowler production was the brainchild of Maverick businessman Bob Lutz (then Vice Chairman of Chrysler), the author of the book “Car Guys VS the Bean Counters” in an attempt to boost the boring corporate image of Chrysler & to target younger, trendy & more sporty buyers. Lutz, despite the strong objections from the accounting dept decided to produce the Viper (with help from Carol Shelby) & Prowler. Cars that on paper make little business sense to make profit & highly difficult to produce in such a small number, pass stringent Federal vehicle safety regulations & yet remain faithful to the original design -  a monumental task. 

Originally designed as a V8 , but eventually used a V6 for production (Bean Counters won this battle). Production ended in 2002 after new regulations disallowed exposed wheel designs for production cars.  A total of 11,702 cars were made and all the cars were snapped up quickly by collectors and hot rod lovers.




  • A very rare Plymouth Prowler in Right Hand Drive 
  • 2000 Sydney Auto Show Display Car
  • HK Emission Exemption Certificate obtained
  • Seldom use and in an almost new condition


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