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1994 Porsche 993 C2 Factory Manual

1994 Porsche 993 C2 Factory Manual

1994 Porsche 993 Carrera 2 with factory 6 speed manual transmission


We are delighted to offer this Guards Red original factory manual Porsche 993 Carrera 2. The car comes with a host of modifications aimed to lose weight and improve performance. Modification includes the suspension (KW Sport), brakes (993 Turbo Front), final drive ratio (8:32), sport clutch and wheels (Magnesium Champion Racing 18"). For weight saving, front fenders, front hood, doors were replaced with genuine carbon fiber panels and sunroof was deleted too. Inside, Porsche 930 black leather seats with big side boltster were used but the rear seats were removed and 993 RS lightweight rear carpet and door panel installed. RS rear wing and front splitters added. 




  • Original Hong Kong dealer delivered car in June 1994
  • Brand New Status shown on VRD
  • Only 2 Previous Owners on VRD
  • Current keeper bought the car in 2004, Fully serviced by GEMBALLA
  • 59,600 KM indicated on odometer
  • Road Tax till Jan 2023




Modified. Guards Red Paint in good condition. Well-kept and consistently maintained. Service records from 2007 are presented.




2007 March GEMBALLA (258,000 HKD) 

2008 March GEMBALLA (18,800 HKD)

2008 July GEMBALLA (72,000 HKD)

2009 March GEMBALLA (11,600 HKD)

2009 Aug GEMBALLA (18,500 HKD)

2011 Aug GEMBALLA (27,500 HKD)

2012 Jan GEMBALLA (5,600 HKD)

2012 Aug GEMBALLA (18,000 HKD)

2012 Dec GEMBALLA (20,000 HKD)

2013 May GEMBALLA (10,000 HKD)

2014 Feb GEMBALLA (18,000 HKD)

2014 Jun GEMBALLA (5,000 HKD)

2014 Nov GEMBALLA (7,000 HKD)

2015 April GEMBALLA (15,000 HKD)

2015 Sep GEMBALLA (14,000 HKD)

2015 Oct GEMBALLA (40,000 HKD)

2017 Sep GEMBALLA (190,000 HKD)

2017 Dec GEMBALLA (26,000 HKD)


* Availability and Prices are subject to change without notice




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