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1979 Austin Morris "Mini-Mini" Roadster

1979 Austin Morris "Mini-Mini" Roadster

1979 Austin Morris Mini 850 Super - "Mini-Mini" SWB Roadster" with Manual Transmission





When the Classic Mini Isn’t Mini Enough, this Mini Mini or Mini SWB (Short Wheelbase) is your answer. 


This Mini SWB or Mini-Mini model does not officially exist. Rather, it’s nickname was passionately given by its creator, veteran classic car racer John Brown. The car was actually created to compete in the local Sports Car Club’s GymKhana race.


This Red Mini Mini is a 2 seats Roadster version with the 998CC Engine. It was imported to Hong Kong in 2018 after a very lengthy & complicated processes with the HK DOT, the car passed all the tests & finally licensed for the road in HK in 2019.


The almost comical proportion will definately stand out from the crowd on the busy city streets anywhere in the world and needless to say it is a fun and nimble machine.




  • A very high quality Short Wheel Base Roadster Conversion
  • Totally refurbished in 2016 and remained in excellent condition inside and out
  • Registered in Hong Kong
  • 0 previous owner on registration
  • Showing 91051 Miles on odometer


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