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Intended primarily for racing, though still road legal, the Porsche 911 GT3 is the street version of Porsche's production-based racing cars, the GT3 Cup and RSR. First introduced in 1999, the 996 GT3 can trace its ancestry all the way back through a succession of high-performance models to the legendary 911 Carrera RS of 1973. The car takes its name from the FIA’s GT3 category of production sports car racing, and has been produced in a variety of versions since its introduction in 1999 on the 996 iteration of the perennial 911.

Following the launch of the original 996 GT3, the Dry-sump 3.6-litre flat-six ‘Metzger’ engine, originally developed for racing applications, has been extensively redesigned and upgraded for the new generation 997 GT3. The Metzger flat-six now delivers 415 hp and features a lightened crankshaft, reshaped forged pistons, titanium connecting rods, a larger throttle body, and three-stage variable-intake manifold. The six-speed manual transaxle has steel synchros and an oil cooler paired with a limited-slip differential. Furthermore, new features included ‘zero lift’ aerodynamics and Porsche’s PASM electronically adjustable active suspension system, specially configured for track use.

This unique GT3 was specified in a stunning shade of Riviera Blue (39E) thanks to the owner’s persistence (which took a painstaking 12 months) on insisting to specify this Paint-to-sample “PTS-ONLY" colour scheme from Porsche. This single-owner GT3 has been pampered by its fastidious owner and as such presents very well. The paintwork is pristine and drapes over the wide arches and aerodynamic lines of this race bred Porsche perfectly. The low front splitter, commonly scuffed remains in good condition. The interior of this comfort spec GT3 is equipped with the interior carbon package and with the rear centre console also in carbon, it is a balance of race car tech with styling comforts, blending an extreme drivers car for predominant use on the road. The lightweight bucket seats with Porsche crest embossed on the headrest are trimmed in soft black leather neatly stitched with alcantara inserts. The light weight 19” alloys offset the bodywork beautifully in gloss black and behind them, the PCCB Carbon Ceramic Composite Brake option can be spotted. This particular example has been maintained as per Porsche recommended service schedule and done solely at the Porsche main dealers. Along with its exceptional history the car also comes with its Leather book Pack, Service booklets, original dealer invoice.

Year: 2007

Body: 2 Doors Coupe

Exterior: Riviera Blue

Interior: Black

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 36,000 KM

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered

History: Delivered by Porsche Center Hong Kong and Registered in 2007. "0 Hands" on Hong Kong VRD. Single ownership, Well maintained and fully serviced by dealer. Original Owners Manual, Service Books, records files are present.

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  • A rare opportunity to buy a single ownership and low mileage 997 GT3

  • Unique Factory Paint-to-sample program Riviera Blue paint

  • Full dealer service records presented

Any Porsche Motorsport engine has an incredible and indelible relationship to the Motorsport Department and the engine in the 997 GT3 is no different. The flat six displaces 3.6 litres and huge work went into reducing internal masses to produce a free spinning engine, equating to 410 hp at a heady 7600 rpm. VarioCam was a new addition, adjusting the intake cam timing improving both efficiency and the spread of torque. The resulting sonic experience is second to none further improved with a performance rear exhaust box and one every petrol head should experience.

SERVICE HISTORY (All done at the Porsche Dealer)


Replaced coolant distributor and water pump housing

Oil Service and annual MOT


Oil Service and annual MOT


Oil Service and annual MOT. Brake Service


Oil Service and annual MOT


Oil Service and annual MOT. Brake Service


3 years Extended warranty purchased


Oil Service and annual MOT

Long Life Guarantee Report

Brake Service. V-Belt replaced

Cooling system checked


A-Glaze body treatment and wheels repainted

New Spoiler Lip

All previous records available upon request


For the 997 GT3, Porsche sticks with the same aluminum 3.6-liter 996 GT3 “Metzger” flat-six but ups the power by 35 hp to 415 at 7600 rpm, making it the most powerful naturally aspirated 911 back then. That's also the same output as the last-gen Turbo. And the redline rises by 200 rpm to a stunning 8400, up there with the best, just 100 rpm shy of the Ferrari F430's redline. But the GT3 makes 115.3 hp per liter — more than the Ferrari and just about anything else. Torque is up 15 pound-feet to 299 at 5500 rpm.

These gains have come largely by lightening rotating components and making the engine breathe better. A new crankshaft design saves 1.3 pounds. Reshaped, forged pistons and 1-mm-smaller (in diameter) piston pins shave an ounce per cylinder. The titanium connecting rods also got thinner. The compression ratio is up to 12.0 from 11.7 in the previous GT3. In the exhaust, the GT3 has new silencing flaps that, when open (above about 4000 rpm at load), reduce back pressure by eight percent compared with the old GT3. The entire exhaust system has thinner walls than before and weighs almost 20 fewer pounds.

Other updates include a slightly larger throttle body, to better feed the three-stage variable-intake manifold (the 996 GT3 had a two-stage unit), and a wider operating range for the variable intake-valve timing. It can now adjust over 52 degrees, versus 45 degrees previously. The six-speed manual transmission is largely the same as the previous GT3's (including steel syncros and an oil cooler), though the second-through-sixth gear ratios have been shortened slightly. Shift throws are 22-percent shorter than those in other 911s. The limited-slip rear axle has a familiar 3.44:1 ratio but is beefed up compared with lesser 911s.

The GT3 is based on the 911 Carrera 4's mechanicals, but it wears the Carrera 2's narrow sheetmetal, and instead of all-wheel-drive hardware up front, Porsche mounts a larger, 23.8-gallon fuel tank (a 0.3-gallon increase). The new GT3 benefits from an eight-percent increase in torsional rigidity over the previous car. Bending stiffness is up 40 percent. For the first time, the GT3 has Porsche's active shocks — called Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) — which have worked wonders on 997 911s and 987 Boxsters to date. PASM offers two choices: a sport setting geared toward track use and a normal mode for the street. The GT3's suspension is a stiffer version of the strut front and multilink rear arrangement from other 911s. Its anti-roll bars are more substantial as well as adjustable — five-way in front and three-way in back. Both the front and rear suspensions are height adjustable. No additional weight increase came from the 19-inch (one inch larger) alloy wheels. They're 8.5 inches wide up front and 12.0 inches wide in back.

Also new to the GT3 is a full-function traction-control system similar to that on the Carrera GT. The system applies individual brakes to keep the rear wheels spinning at the same rate but will cut engine power if both wheels are slipping excessively. There's a sport button that raises the thresholds slightly (that same button alters the engine mapping for a little more midrange), as well as an off switch that fully disables the system. Like other 997 911s, the GT3's steering ratio is variable, which is intended to increase high-speed stability.

Porsche says the GT3 weighs the same as a base rear-drive 911, or 3250 pounds. That's up about 30 over the last model despite some 44 pounds saved with aluminum doors and trunklid as well as a plastic rear engine cover.

The GT3's interior looks much the same as that of other 997s, which is to say significantly more upscale than before. The GT3 adds an Alcantara-covered steering wheel, shifter, parking-brake lever, and door accents. The gauges have yellow needles and markings (à la Carrera GT) as well as a GT3 logo. Grippy and heavily bolstered Alcantara-lined sport seats are standard.


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