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Porsche 928 S4 | N/A

Built to the highest standards at Porsche’s iconic Stuttgart plant, the 928 saw a lengthy production run which lasted from 1977 to 1995 and thanks to its unique and superb design by Wolfgang Möbius and Anatole Lapine, the 928 managed to always look brand new and it certainly improved with age. The 928’s graceful design was vastly improved by the S4 facelift which was arguably the best looking generation of 928 with cleaner lines and more elegant fog lamps and rear lights.

The 928 S4 was introduced in 1987 and was to remain as the design basis for all subsequent 928 models, including the GT and the GTS. It was a huge success and led to a major boost in sales. Performance also grew and the engine was a upgraded 5.0 V8 with 316BHP, strong numbers for the time. The combination of the excellent V8 and the sleek aerodynamic body pushed the S4 to an astonishing top speed of 171MPH with a 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds. These figures are considerable by today’s standards, let alone in 1987 which put the performance of the 928 at a level only spitting distance away from supercars such as the Aston Martin V8 Vantage X-Pack, the Ferrari Testarossa and the Lamborghini Countach. These unbelievable statistics were only added to by the relative affordability of the Porsche compared to its exotic rivals. Few other cars could offer these figures with the levels of comfort and practicality of the 928.

This fully original 928 S4 we are offering is in a great condition and has covered just 71,800 kilometres from new. Delivered new in Cape Town back in1988, it has obviously been loved and well cared for. Imported by the current owner in 2018, it remained in his care since. Climbing into the incredibly comfortable black leather seats takes you back in time to the late 80s, a feeling only intensified by the fact that the popular 80s Hollywood Blockbuster "Risky Business" of the era featured a similar magnificent car.

This is a truly stunning car with real nostalgic ambience that takes you back to a cooler time and few cars of the period can match the 928 in terms of usability and presence.

Year: 1988

Body: 2 Doors Coupe

Exterior: Red

Interior: Black

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 71,850KM

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered

History: First Delivered in Cape Town in1988. Import and registered in Hong Kong in 2018. One owner in Hong Kong. Well maintained and very well-kept. Original Tool Kit, Owners Manual, Service Books and Importation File are present.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Wong


Telephone Or Whatsapp: +852 9013 2536

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  • The Ultimate Grand Touring Porsche

  • Porsche's first production model to power a V8 engine.

  • The S4 equipped with an upgraded version of the V8 engine with 5L and 320 horsepower.