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The legendary Honda NSX (standing for New Sportscar Experimental) was developed by the Honda Motor Corporation between 1984 and its eventual launch in 1990, with major chassis and suspension input from three times F1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna. The NSX featured a state of the art 3.0-litre V6 'VTEC' engine (variable valve timing) and an all-aluminium monocoque body, encompassing a revolutionary extruded aluminium alloy frame and suspension. This made the car extremely light and extremely strong. Other game-changing features included 4-channel ABS brakes, titanium connecting rods in the engine and, later in the model's life, an electric power steering system and a 3.2-litre V6 engine. The car was the first real Japanese 'Supercar', proving itself and quickly establishing respect from its key competitors. Production continued right up until 2005, with only subtle changes made throughout its life.

For those unaware the NSX Type S ever existed would be excused. Released exclusively for the Japanese domestic market in limited numbers of 248 the chances of seeing one in the flesh are really very slim. This special edition has often been described as the perfect mix between the regular NSX and the ultra-hardcore NSX-R. Blending everyday driving with Lightweight and a more focused driving experience, in other words, a more refined Type R. With the more muscular 3.2-litre V6 and pre-facelift pop-up headlights, look to offer the greatest mix of tradition and power, retaining the look of the original but with 290hp. The 200cc-larger mid-mounted V6 benefitted from thinner cylinder liners to increase capacity and a freer-flowing exhaust.

This particular NSX is incredibly rare and one of only 248 cars produced exclusively for the Japanese home market. The NSX Type-S featured a 3.2-litre engine mated to a desirable 6-speed manual gearbox and pushing out a reported 290 bhp. The Type-S featured a high specification cockpit to including a Titanium gear-knob, a Momo steering wheel, Recaro full-bucket carbon-kevlar seats, Alcantara and leather seats, beautiful stitching around the dashboard, mesh design engine cover (similar to that of the Type-R), and a coloured roof. The suspension was also stiffer than the standard Honda NSX. This car is finished in Yellow with Pearl Finish with a body coloured roof and a black/black interior which looks absolutely stunning.

Originally delivered in Japan in 1997 to Best Motoring's "GAN-san", Japanese Race Driver Motoharu Kurosawa (黒沢元治). First imported and registered in Hong Kong in 2017, this car is supplied with a solid history file from Japan documenting its service intervals. Since residing in Hong Kong, it has been maintained annually, is now showing just 30,832KM.

This is Honda's "GT3 Touring" equivalent, with increased power, good handling, manual gearbox and most importantly no deletion of creature comforts making it a very useable supercar.

Year: 1997

Body: 2 Doors Coupe

Exterior: Yellow (with Pearl Finish)

Interior: Black

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 30,832KM

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered

History: Originally delivered in Japan in 1997 to Best Motoring's "GAN-san", Japanese Race Driver Motoharu Kurosawa (黒沢元治). Imported by current owner to Hong Kong and registered in 2017. Showing "0 Hands" on Hong Kong VRD. Relatively Low Mileage and overall in immaculate condition throughout with maintenance history. Original books and tool present.

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  • One of only 248 Type-S models supplied exclusively to the Japanese home market

  • A 3.2-litre V6 mated to a desirable 6-speed manual gearbox and 2910 LB only

  • The perfect compromise between a standard NSX and the Type-R

  • 94 out of 100 Condition


Available Upon Request only


The location of that engine and sweetly matched chassis setup makes all NSXs a joy to steer, each variant offering all the feedback and responsiveness that you might hope from the layout; but which nobody expected from Honda before this car. The all-aluminium structure NSX (an innovation back in 1990) was famed for working its four corners evenly to provide the neutral mid-corner balance we all so desire, with accompanying throttle adjustability so it felt properly alive - particularly so when that 3.2-litre was added with its extra punch.

Honda did little to change the NSX formula through the NSX's 15-year life until 2005 - aside from the addition of a few 21st century mod-cons and flat headlights, of course - although it did produce several special editions, the best of which were sold in the Japanese domestic market. The two Type Rs were the most extreme, with savage weight reduction for both and a racier chassis setup, as well as incredible rarity. They are both now highly coveted cars.

In 1997, as another step in the continuous development of the NSX, Honda introduced a new 6-Speed Manual NSX equipped with the larger 3.2 V6, engine work took power to 290hp while weight was reduced to 1,320kg without removing things like air-con or sound deadening. It created a usable but more focussed NSX, although Honda restricted production to 248 cars and never exported the model outside the country. The line-up is further enhanced by the introduction of an even more driver-oriented "Type S-ZERO" Version with ditched the A/C to lose a further 50kg

Changed implemented on the 1997 model includes:

- New 3.2L Engine

- New Close-ratio 6 Speed Manual

- Larger Disk Brake and revised suspension/ steering settings

- New Front under skirt for improved aerodynamics

The Type S boasts a weight reduction of some 45 KG without having to sacrifice comfort features such as Air Conditioning, etc. The car features specific suspension settings and revised steering wheel and shift knob design. A track-oriented Type S-ZERO was also introduced in the same year

NSX Type S Specific Features

- Custom suspension settings for increased road feel and more neutral steering characteristics

- 45 KG weight reduction (1320KG/2910LB)

- Type S specific BBS forged aluminium wheels (reduction of 4KG unsprung weight)

- Type S specific MOMO steering wheel and RECARO full-bucket Seats, Titanium Shift Knob, Mesh Grill engine lid and side intakes


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