1993 Ferrari Mondial T Coupé Valeo | SOLD

Ferrari’s Mondial, which was introduced in 1980, had always been a car for those who had to have it all. It was uncompromising in the respect that it coupled a mid-engine V-8 with space for four passengers, and it was versatile enough to be driven in anger on a race track or lovingly to and from the office on a daily basis. The Mondial saw several updates throughout its production run, with the final and most desirable variant being the Mondial T. The “T” in its name represents its transverse gearbox and longitudinal engine layout, which was a change that allowed the drivetrain to be lowered by 13 centimetres, bringing about much-improved road-holding and -handling.

Of course, this would not be the only change to the Mondial, and Ferrari’s engineers had much more up their sleeves. Its engine capacity was increased to 3.4 litres, which raised horsepower to 300. Power steering was installed for easier drivability, along with electronically controlled shock absorbers, and ABS was installed for additional peace of mind. From 1989 to 1993, just 858 examples of the Mondial T Coupé were produced, making it rarer than the Mondial T Cabriolet.

Ferrari also produced a handful of Mondials in collaboration with the French automotive company Valeo, and these featured a unique transmission system. The Valeo cars still utilised a five-speed transaxle, but they were fitted with no clutch pedal, as the clutch was operated by an electro-mechanical actuator. This system was capable of engaging and disengaging the clutch in 0.02 seconds, and it was originally developed for use by Lancia’s rally team in the Delta Integrale, allowing their drivers to use one foot for the gas and one foot for the brake at all times. All the driver needed to do was simply lift off the gas, downshift or upshift as needed, and get back on the gas. This unique system is said to be extremely reliable, and it was produced for both Mondial coupés and cabriolets. Valeo also produced a similar gearbox for a one-off F40 for Gianni Agnelli.

The incredibly rare 1993 Mondial T Coupé Valeo presented here is believed to be 1 of only 4 Right Hand Drive (Total 28 units in the world) It is finished in the ever desirable colour scheme of Rosso Corsa over a beige leather interior, and it was delivered new to its Hong Kong owner through IMSS "Italian Motors Sales and Services" in August 1993, according to its registration. Its odometer currently shows 33,000 kilometres, which is incredibly low mileage for a car of its type. The exterior is in a fair condition, and the leather interior shows no signs of abuse. The car is accompanied by a complete factory tool kit.

Since the model was first introduced over 30 years ago, the Mondial has always had a fervent following from enthusiasts looking for a mid-engine sports car that the whole family can enjoy. As the Mondial T is the last in the series and has benefitted from numerous lessons learned over 13 years of continuous production, it has always been considered the best variant of the model. Coupés featuring low number of ownership and low mileage are nearly impossible to find in today’s market, and an example such as the one on offer is an opportunity not to be missed.

Year: 1993

Body: 2 Doors Coupe

Exterior: Rosso Corsa

Interior: Tan Leather

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual with Automated Clutch

Indicated Mileage: 33,000 KM

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered

History: First delivered by IMSS "Italian Motors Sales and Services" and registered in August 1993 in Hong Kong, presented in the colour combination of Red over Tan. This original Hong Kong Dealer delivered example is the last 3.4L model equipped with the very rare Valeo Open-gated Manual Transmission with Automated Clutch. Showing 3 previous owners on VRD. The car is in a well maintained condition, showing just 33,000 KM. Available for viewing by appointment for serious interest only.


  • Original HK IMSS Delivered Car with only 33,000KM from new

  • Rare and highly desirable Valeo model, the same system developed for Gianni Agnelli's F40 Valeo

  • Excellent condition and comes with extensive service history from new and tools

Classic Insider condition score: 78 points out of 100


Fully Original and consistently maintained. Certainly used, but not necessarily abused, the paint job is largely original but color fading due to sunlight is noticeable from the back. Additional blemishes due to usage are noted. Excellent wheel finish but older tires. The Interior is excellent for its age and very well preserved. The carpets can use a deep cleaning. Dash and console components appear original and unrestored. Engine bay is relatively clean and tidy for the age. Major engine service done.

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2020 - AUG (32,867KM) Motormax HK Ltd

- Replaced Starter Motor, Fuel Regulator and Fuel Pump

- Serviced ignition switch and relay

- Recharge AC

2019 - NOV (32,671KM) Motormax HK Ltd

- Full Service (oil, air, fuel filter, all belts, spark plug, coolant, AC, water hoses renewed)

2014- MAR (30,944KM) Motormax HK Ltd

- Full Service (Oil change, Oil & Air Filter Renewed, O2 Sensor, Spark Plugs)

- CV joint Boot Kit

- Air Mass Sensor

- Thermocouple

- Fuel Regulators

2011 - AUG (29,989KM) Motormax HK Ltd

- Major Service

- All Filter, Belts, Spark Plugs, Thermostat.

- Ball Joints, Bush, Suspension Links

- Intake, Valve Gaskets, Cam Gaskets, O rings

- Water Pump and Hoses

- Steering Rack

- Throttle body gasket

- Pulley and Belts

- New Battery

- AC Compressor Assembly

Service record from NEW to 2007 at IMSS "Italian Motors Sales and Services" (Ferrari Dealer)

**Service records available upon request


Ferrari's first effort at building a car suitable for markets throughout the world, the Mondial 8 deployed the 308GT4's 3.0-litre quad-cam V8 engine in a lengthened version of the latter's chassis. Transmission and running gear remained much the same, with five-speed transaxle and independent suspension all round. Although reckoned by some to be less sporting than other Ferraris, the Mondial was still good for 140mph-plus and its ride quality and comfort scored over long distances.

Considerably roomier than previous Ferrari 2+2s, the Pininfarina-styled Mondial has been described by Car magazine as, 'the closest you'll get to supercar family transport.' Developments included a proper (non-Targa) Cabriolet, the introduction of a more-powerful 'Qv' (quattro-valvole: four-valves-per-cylinder) engine in 1982 and enlargement to 3.2 litres for 1985.

But Ferrari had not finished with the Mondial just yet. For 1989 the V8 engine was increased in capacity once again - this time to 3.4 litres - and, demonstrating that racing really does improve the breed, transmitted its 300bhp to the road via a trasversale (transverse) five-speed gearbox developed using experience of this transmission arrangement gained in Formula 1. The Mondial 't' featured two other Ferrari 'firsts': power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering and cockpit-adjustable ride quality control. Anti-lock brakes were another standard feature, as was air conditioning.

In 1992 Ferrari took this innovative transmission design a stage further, offering a 'semi-automatic' alternative produced in conjunction with the French motor components manufacturer, Valeo. Rather than a foot pedal, the Valeo clutch is operated by the gearlever via an electro-mechanical system developed initially for Lancia's works rally cars, disengagement/re-engagement being accomplished in a staggering 0.02 seconds. Essentially the same transmission right down to the gear ratios, this gearbox was similar to the Volkswagen and Porsche Sportomatic gearbox in the 1970s, offering manual shifting without a third pedal. However, the Valeo system had a microprocessor controlling the clutch engagement which made for more refined shifting. This gearbox and automated clutch setup was designed to learn the user’s driving habits over time and even allowed for situations where you could engine brake if you lifted off the throttle. The clutch would then not fully disengage until you stopped the vehicle. Sophisticated stuff for the period and no doubt gave Ferrari a baseline on where to go with the semi-automatic gearbox in the future.


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