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The Ferrari F355 was introduced in May 1994, as a direct replacement for the Ferrari 348. The emphasis behind the Pininfarina designed F355 was to improve performance, as well as drivability across a wider range of speeds and different environments. The F355 was built around a steel monocoque with tubular steel rear sub-frame. It offered fully independent front and rear suspension with coil springs over gas-filled telescopic shock absorbers, electronic control servos and anti-roll bars. Aerodynamic design for the car included over 1,300 hours of wind tunnel analysis. The car incorporated a “Nolder” profile on the upper portion of the tail, and fairing on the underbody that generates negative lift when the car is at speed.

Apart from the displacement increase from 3.4 to 3.5 litre, the major difference between the V8 engine in the F348 and F355 is the introduction of a 5-valve per cylinder head, hence the name F355 – 3.5L and 5 valves per cylinder. This new head design allowed for better air intake and resulted in a more powerful engine producing 375bhp at 8,500rpm, this resulted in a 0 - 60 mph of just 4.6 secs and onto a top speed of 183mph.

The Ferrari 355 Spider came a year after. The traditional gated manual was offered along with the new F1 paddle-shift gearbox. However, this early generation F1 semi-automatic transmission was understandably slow and rough around the edges, therefore the manual cars are undoubtedly the one to have. The click-clack of the stainless steel manual gate is perhaps as iconic as the howl of a flat-plane-crank Italian V8 and has the satisfying rifle bolt feel that is so widely admired. One of just over 3,700 F355 Spiders produced, this car we are offering today was supplied new in January 1996 by the then Ferrari Dealer, AutoItalia in Hong Kong. Finished in Rosso Corsa with Nero black leather interior, black leather dash, black carpeting, black soft top, and the preferred 6-speed manual transmission. This 355 Spider presents very nicely with High-Flow cats, upgraded headers, a Tubi exhaust, and 355 Challenge rear grille to aid engine cooling.

The car has covered 61,500 KM and has been well maintained with the last service carried out just 100KM ago in May 2019. This striking example offers specification highlights such as: Red brake calipers, Climate control, Original Ferrari tool kit, CD changer and Electric windows. Accompanied by factory issued books, manuals, leather tool case, tonneau and service records. Service records indicate the car has been carefully looked after by Dealer and reputable Ferrari Specialists. It is in excellent condition throughout with impeccable feel and handling, ready for immediate enjoyment.

Year: 1995

Body: 2 Doors Convertible

Exterior: Rosso Corsa (Red)

Interior: Nero (Black)

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 61,500 KM

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Registered in Hong Kong

History: Originally delivered by Hong Kong Ferrari Dealer in January 1996. 7 previous owners indicated on VRD. Ferrari Dealer and Ferrari Specialist Service History since 2004, Leather pouches, Books pack, Tools, Car Cover included.

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  • Originally Hong Kong delivered car with service history

  • Equipped with the rare and desirable six speed manual

  • A Masterpiece designed by Pininfarina and now a sought-after classic

In Spider guise, the F355 gives the driver the benefit of open-top motoring, being fully exposed to the sensational exhaust note. EVO magazine describes the exhaust note as "a howl wrapped up in a bark and enclosed in a shriek", with the upgraded Tubi exhaust system, that is exactly how it sounds.

Service Records

2019 May

Annual Service and MOT by Ferrari Specialist. New Radiator install.

2015 - 2018

Annual Service and MOT by Ferrari Specialist.


Annual Service and MOT by Ferrari Specialist. New Sports Headers installed. New Steering rod ball joint.


Annual Service and MOT by Ferrari Specialist.


Full Engine Out Service and MOT by Ferrari Specialist. Cambelt, Bearing, Spark plugs, engine mount and all fluids changed. A/C System Serviced.

2010 - 2011

Annual Service and MOT by Ferrari Specialist.

2007 - 2009

Full inspection report done by Ferrari Dealer at 53,000KM

Full Maintenance program Performed by Ferrari Dealer. All fluid changed, Tubi Exhaust Installed, Full Belts and Bearing replaced, New Axle Shaft, New Valve Gaskets, New Hoses, New Airbag unit, Coolant replaced.

Model Description and History

Pininfarina's sleek F355 for Ferrari won instant praise when it was revealed at the 1994 Geneva motor show - and its popularity has never waned. The highly demanded successor to the ageing 348. The 355 was not only a stark improvement stylistically on the 348, but it also saw a number of technical improvements, such as power steering and electronically controlled damping. Inheriting the proportions of its predecessor, the Ferrari F355 was outwardly a much better-resolved proposition, both aesthetically and aerodynamically. But beneath the smoother skin were further major advancements, including power steering, variable damping, and a 100cc engine enlargement to 3.5 litres. In revised form, the now 375bhp V8 revved out to 8,500rpm and, even more impressively, conjured more bhp per litre than the V12 in the McLaren F1.

The Ferrari F355 is often regarded as the transition point into the modern era of Ferrari road cars, employing Formula One-derived engine technology and advanced aerodynamics. The Ferrari F355’s name is derived from its 3.5-litre V8 engine and five valves per cylinder - as denoted by the ‘Cinquevalvole’ inscription on the rocker covers. The conrods are titanium alloy, the clutch is housed in magnesium alloy, and the Bilstein shock absorbers use electronic sensors to provide active damping.

The F355's task was to be faster and easier to handle on the limit, the latter having been a regular bone of contention with 348 road testers. There was a new electronic damper control system that fed information on road speed, brake pressure, suspension loadings and steering into a computer that decided exactly how firm the dampers needed to be. Derived from lessons learnt with active suspension, the F355 system worked and was accompanied by full underbody aerodynamics. This radically improved airflow beneath the car and increased stability at high speeds.

Also very impressive was a new engine that could boast the highest output of any normally aspirated road car unit in history to that date, output was 380bhp at 8250rpm. Needless to say, the F355 was an exceptional performer, 0-60 in just 4.6 seconds and a 185mph top speed having been a quantum leap on the 348. Launched at the Geneva Salon during May 1994, the F355 caused a sensation and orders came flooding in. As one era was beginning, another was coming to an end: it was to be the last of the breed to be hand-built, with the 360 and later descendants moving to mass production.


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