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Ferrari 512 M | N/A

When the Testarossa was first introduced in 1984, it was a hugely refined car for the supercar realm that gained instant respect and adoration from Ferrari and sports-car fans the world over. Known internally as Type F110, Testarossa went head-to-head with Lamborghini’s Countach and offered similar performance, if more refined in its delivery. The Testarossa proved to be one of Ferrari’s most successful vehicles.

The F512M represented the final few cars, the “M” denoting modificata, or modified status. In 1996, the 550 Maranello Coupe superseded the Testarossa, ending one glorious period and beginning another superb era for the “Prancing Horse.”

Only 501 were ever produced and they represented the end of the line for the famed, fabled, era-defining and game-changing Ferrari Testarossa, which had morphed into the 512TR in the 1990s gaining refined styling, interior appointments and drivetrain enhancements that the F512M built upon.

Introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1994, the F512M featured the familiar 446 HP, 5.0L flat 12-cylinder engine and 5-speed manual transmission. Very quickly, it could find 60 MPH in under 5-seconds and top out around 196 MPH, making it one of the fastest cars of the day. Specially defining features of the F512M are specific front and rear lighting designs, NACA ducts, larger brakes, chrome gear knob, drilled pedals, specialized 18-inch staggered wheels and air conditioning.

The most potent and refined iteration of the Pininfarina designed Testarossa, the F512 M is truly an incredible automobile. The final evolution of the twelve-cylinder Berlinetta Boxer model range, It was a quantum leap forward over the Testarossa of 1984, and it represents the end of an era for Ferrari. F512 M cars are a rare sight when compared to their predecessors, making them highly collectible.

Year: 1995

Body: 2 Doors Coupe

Exterior: Rosso Corsa

Interior: Nero leather and Red carpet

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 35,000KM

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Registered

This motor car: Presented in traditional Rosso Corsa with a rich Connolly-leather interior in black with red carpets, this car has traveled just about 35,000 KM since new. A superb Hong Kong Dealer Delivered RHD example, currently showing 4 previous owners on the HK VRD. Throughout its life, the car has been diligently maintained and has periodically received services. Today this example presents in its original paintwork which has some scuff marks but largely retains its gloss. The black leather interior displays a light patina showing correct usage for the age and evidently well-cared for. The car is carefully kept in an excellent mechanical condition with all major areas such as clutch, cam belts, brake and tires renewed. Unfortunately the original book pack and owners manuals are missing. This matching number car, also comes with the original leather tool box. This example is ready to enter a new stable. Available for viewing by appointment for serious interest only.