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Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider | #SOLD

In November 2008 at the World Finals at Mugello, Italy, Ferrari introduced a new dual-purpose track car to commemorate its recently captured world-record 16th Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship. The appropriately named 16M Scuderia Spider was an open-top version of the 430 Scuderia customer competition car, featuring the same 503-horsepower V-8. Due to the convertible configuration, the chassis required structural reinforcement, and Maranello’s engineers offset the added weight with increased use of carbon fiber throughout the car—this included specially lightened bumpers and a carbon-fiber-coated roll bar. The model featured unique five-spoke forged wheels that complemented larger front brakes and calipers derived from the 430 Scuderia. With production limited to 499 examples, the 16M Scuderia Spider is not just a celebration of Ferrari’s 16 Formula 1 Constructors’ Championships, but also one of very few open models specifically built for track use.

Representing the top spot of the food chain of Ferrari V8 bloodline, the Scuderia 16M incorporate the Ferrari "F1 derived" technology, the 4.3L naturally aspirated V8 was mated to the "F1-Superfast2" semi-automatic gearbox, achieving lighting fast shifts in 60 millisecond via the shifting pedals behind the steering wheel. The interior of 16M is also stripped out with carpet removed and door panel in full carbon fibre. In additional to the E-Diff electronic rear differential, a traction-control system gleaned from the 599 GTB allows the drivers to select five characters of the 16M from wet to track driving via the steering wheel "Manettino" switch.


To celebrate its impressive 16th Constructors’ Championship since the ultimate Formula One award’s 1958 inception, Ferrari created a special open-top version of its 430 Scuderia called the 16M. Its links to Scuderia Ferrari lie in its numerous carbon-fibre details, which helped lower its kerb weight to a mere 1,500 kilograms. One of just 499, this 16M Scuderia Spider offers enthusiasts of modern Ferraris a track-focused convertible that can be used on the street or enjoyed on the racetrack, experiencing the exhilarating 3.7-second 0–60 and a top speed of 196 mph.

Based on the already lightweight 430 Scuderia, the16M makes use of a 503-horsepower, 4.3-litre V-8 engine tied to an F1-Superfast2 semi-automatic gearbox, an E-Diff electronic rear differential, and a traction-control system gleaned from the 599 GTB. Car & Driver said in its first drive that ‘this car is confidence-inspiring, a trait it shares with the rest of the Scuderia’s mid-engined lineup, and it’s what makes these cars so attractive’. Of course, the 16M’s ferocious nature wasn’t lost on the magazine, which called the car ‘quite possibly the loudest road-going car we have ever driven’.

Beginning with the enemy of speed, unnecessary weight, many of the frivolous luxury features, like the floormats, were thrown in the bin; all in the effort to gain an extra tenth of second on the racetrack. Furthermore, the Spider received front and rear bumpers that were made even lighter than those found on the Scuderia Coupe. Ferrari fitted the Spider with additional bracing to ensure that the track-oriented vehicle was as rigid as it could be. All in all, the 16M was 170 lbs lighter than the standard car. Moreover, the 16M featured a set of 5-spoke forged wheels that helped to greatly reduce the unsprung mass. Beyond the diet, the engineers in Maranello worked over the engine to provide an additional 20 horsepower, bringing the grand total to an impressive 503bhp. Controlling this immense power was the latest generation of Ferrari's traction and stability control systems that allowed the pilot of the vehicle to dial in precisely the amount of slip they'd like attacking the corners of a race track. The result of this extensive performance regime allowed the 16M to achieve a lap time within striking distance of even the Enzo.

The Scuderia Spider 16M represented the rawest driving experience offered by Ferrari at the time of release. It accomplished this by incorporating many of the technologies that help the famed Italian firm to countless Formula 1 victories in the 2000s. Additionally, the lack of roof provided an unobstructed sensory experience. Just 499 of these supercars were sold worldwide, making them endlessly desirable to Tifosi and collectors alike. Short of buying a full stop race car, the Scuderia is sure to provide just as many thrills, all while wearing a license plate.


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