Lamborghini Diablo SV | $1.55M HKD


In 1990, Lamborghini S.p.A introduced their latest mid-engined, high performance sports car, and in keeping with their tradition of naming the cars after Italian fighting bulls. This monstrous car was named after a ferocious example raised by the Duke of Veragua in the 19th century known as ‘’Diablo’’, or in English, Devil. 


Prior to its introduction, the sharp and dramatic lines of the Marcello Gandini design were somewhat softened by the pen of Tom Gale and his presentation of the car opened to rave reviews. The two door, rear wheel drive, mid-engined coupé was powered by a 5.7 litre, V12 and about 490 horses found their way to the tarmac through a 5-speed manual transmission, resulting in a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 202 mph. The SV (Super Veloce) was introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 1995, this awesome car was the first to grace the ‘SV’ badge since the Miura, but with the badge of course came increased power which was now 510 bhp alongside other improvements/upgrades. These included larger front brakes, an adjustable spoiler and three piece wheels.


The car we are representing is a unique example featuring matt black colour and exposed carbon combination. The car also features an altered aggressive bodywork with an awesome custom and handmade exposed dry carbon fibre body panel that transformed the already aggressive looking SV into the much sought after Diablo GT. Introduced in 1998 , only 80 Diablo GT were ever produced and it was a track oriented iteration of the Diablo and featured many unique components exclusive to the model. 


Exterior changes included an exposed polished carbon fibre front air dam with large brake ducts and a central vent for the oil cooler. In the front luggage compartment lid, a large air extractor was added, while the small corner vents on the front fenders were changed to NACA style ducts. The fenders themselves were widened to accommodate a wider front track. In the rear, the bumper and its lamps were removed entirely, replaced by a carbon fibre diffuser which shields the quad exhaust pipes. The engine lid featured a large central ram air duct protruding above the roof; a rear spoiler was standard equipment. This radical new body was composed mostly of carbon fibre, with the steel roof and aluminum doors being the only components to retain their standard material. Special 20 inches wheels finished the GT's exterior package. All original body panels and wheels have been kept and will be supplied with the sale, so in case a future owner want to reverse the car back to original, everything is there.


The car’s original interior is as impressive as the bodywork. The car is fitted with the sumptuous black and white leather, as well as full leather bucket seats. It also features a number of machine-turned aluminium additions such as the shifter panel and door inserts. An optional Alpine LCD screen along with a bumper mounted backup camera. Despite the racing pretences, power steering, a light clutch and air conditioning are standard equipment.


Delivered new in November of 1996 by Lamborghini of Hong Kong. Current owner has owned it since November 2011, and the car has been maintained by the dealer with numerous invoices. In 2015 the car was subjected to an engine out service in which no expense was spared to keep this Diablo totally refreshed.  An incredible, rare manual supercar with so much presence and style complete with a well-documented dealer service history in the last 8 year. A 200mph supercar that turns heads wherever it goes, this beautiful Diablo SV is every enthusiast's dream, but not for the faint hearted.



Year: 1996

Body: 2 Doors

Exterior: Matt Black & Exposed Carbon Fiber 

Interior: Black and White

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: 2542KM (Actual mileage ~27,775KM)

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Registered in Hong Kong

History: Originally delivered by Hong Kong Lamborghini Dealer in November 1996. 7 previous owners indicated on VRD. Lamborghini Dealer Service and MOT records since 2011. 


Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. For more info, please contact:


Kenneth Wong 


Telephone Or Whatsapp: +852 9013 2536


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  • Originally Hong Kong delivered car with dealer service history

  • Updated to the Ultimate Diablo GT styling with custom handmade and hand polished dry carbon fibre parts.

  • A Masterpiece designed by Marcello Gandini







Service Records


2018 - 2019

- Full 41-point Dealer Maintenance Service. New Spark Plug, New Battery, New Window Switch, New Door Seal installed. New wheels and tires.



- MOT, Replaced Catalytic Converters, Muffler and Exhaust Pipes


2015 - 2016

- Annual Service at Dealer. New Clutch Assembly, Thrust Bearing, Cyclinder Head Gasket/ Seal, Battery and Spark Plugs installed. New lower control arm, bushing and ball joint kit. Door inner handle and wire. Installed Diablo GT bodykit (Front bumper, Fenders, Sider Skirts, Font and Rear Hood) 



- Annual Service at Dealer.



- Sprayed rear wing to Piano Black



- Whole car Respray. Re-Upholster Leather Seats and Door Card. Annual Service at Dealer. New pair of fans.





















Model Description and History


After 17 years in production, the legendary Countach was replaced by the Diablo, which on its arrival was the fastest, most advanced and most expensive Lamborghini ever built. First exhibited publicly at Monaco in January 1990, the Diablo improved on its illustrious predecessor in every way, setting a new benchmark in supercar design. Nobody can have been surprised to learn that it had been styled by Marcello Gandini, the man responsible for the Lamborghini Miura and Countach, for the family resemblance was obvious.

Beneath the skin there was a steel spaceframe chassis, developed from the Countach's, but constructed of square-section rather than round tubing and incorporating 'crumple zones' at front and rear. The use of carbon-fibre composite panels, first seen in the Countach 'Evoluzione' model, was extended in the Diablo, which also featured revised suspension capable of accommodating the envisaged future developments of four-wheel drive and active suspension. Stretched to 5.7 litres for the Diablo, Lamborghini's 48-valve V12 engine gained fuel injection for the first time and producing a maximum of 492bhp. Of equal, if not greater significance, maximum torque went up to 428lb/ft, an improvement of 55% over the Countach. Catalytic converters were standard, enabling the reworked V12 to meet emissions requirements worldwide.

With more power and a lower drag coefficient than the Countach, the Lamborghini Diablo easily eclipsed its forebear, exceeding 200mph (322km/h) on test. More importantly, its acceleration and top speed figures were marginally better than those of the Ferrari F40. The Diablo though, was not a limited edition model like the latter, but a series production car with a luxuriously appointed interior reflecting its designers' intention to produce a civilised Gran Turismo as suited to city streets and motorways as the racetrack. Four-wheel drive Diablo VT and Targa-style open roadster versions soon followed and then came the Diablo SE (Special Edition) which were built to celebrate Lamborghini's 30 years as a car manufacturer. 

Designed to appeal more to the enthusiast driver, a simpler and lighter two-wheel drive Diablo SV (Super Veloce) was introduced in 1995 and came with a 510bhp engine, other changes included an adjustable rear spoiler, different lighting, a ducted engine lid and larger diameter front brakes.


In popular culture, Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit uses the Lamborghini Diablo SV as the flagship car of the game. The car became emblematic of the Need for Speed franchise, making several appearances throughout later entries in the series.






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