Ferrari 330 P4 Evocation | SOLD

The 330 P4 was a spectacular feat of engineering by Ferrari who produced one of the most beautiful and successful sports racing cars ever in the history of motor racing. Just 4 examples of the 330 P4 were ever constructed and competed with great success in period. They formed two of three Ferrari works entries at the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona and dominated the event with a 1-2-3 victory. Unless your name is Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld, buying a real one is probably out of the question.

This stunning Bailey 330 P4 isn’t your everyday re-creation racecar. Inspired by the legendary Ferrari 330 P4 racer built to rival the all-conquering Ford GT40 at Le Mans, the Bailey is more than capable of turning a few heads and more than capable of confusing bystanders. This fact shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The Bailey P4 is so accurate that it actually features a Ferrari Colombo V12 engine just like the real Ferrari 330 P4. When combined with the stunning design and minimalist interior, we can excuse those bystanders who thought it was the real thing.

If you’re not a vintage racing regular, you may never have heard of Bailey Cars, or its predecessor, Bailey Edwards Cars. The South African manufacturer builds replicas of classic endurance racers like the Porsche 917, the Ford GT40, the Lola T70 and the Ferrari P4, and they’re stunning. Bailey Cars build exacting replicas from the cars’ original plans. Not only can you get a replica of a Le Mans winning icon, but you can drive it on the street or you can spec the car strictly for the track. Sure, a replica isn't as powerful or as desirable as the real deal – but it's nowhere near as costly as a real 330 P4’s $200M price tag, that is, if you can buy one. This Re-creation is definitely far more usable and enjoyable car to drive.

The Bailey Ferrari 330 P4 tribute we are selling, is a hand built recreation of the 330 P4 and was painstakingly constructed with highly skilled craftsmanship. It features a modern tube frame chassis and uses aircraft-strength aluminium suspension components and laser-cut carbon steel tubing for the space frames. Equipped with fiberglass bodywork, an authentic 4.8L Ferrari 400i V12 Engine with custom Fuel Injection system. The gearbox is a five speed rear mounted transaxle unit from a Porsche 944 Turbo, while the wheels are Ferrari-style items with era-correct tyres with AP Racing brakes tucked behind. Inside, it's been made to look as close to the P4 as possible, it even features a Ferrari chassis VIN plate. The wonderful V12 soundtrack is emitted through the spectacular hand made ‘spaghetti’ exhaust system. Performance is electrifying as you would expect and driving this car is a very special experience.

This outstanding recreation offers the chance to experience the sight, sound and thrill of an original 330 P4 at a fraction of the price. An exhilarating road car and guaranteed to cause a stir wherever it is driven.

Year: 1967

Body: 2 Doors

Exterior: Red

Interior: Black

Driver's Sider: RHD

Transmission: Manual

Indicated Mileage: Unknown

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Not Registered

History:1967 Ferrari 330 P4 recreation made by Bailey Edwards in South Africa. Donor was a Ferrari 400i first registered in 1984 in South Africa. Car was bought and shipped to Hong Kong in April 2014.

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  • High quality Hand-built recreation

  • Spectacular Ferrari V12 sound and amazingly fun to drive

  • Rare opportunity to buy