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1982 Mercedes Benz R107 500SL | 350K HKD

The SL Series 107, released in 1971 as the successor to the Pagoda (W113 series), established a new design line at Mercedes-Benz with the broadband H4 headlamps and the large fluted taillights. The appearance of the R107 was stylistic for the Mercedes-Benz design in the 70s. The R107 took the chassis components of the mid size Mercedes-Benz W114 model and mated them to the larger engines from the S-Class (W116). The SL was designed from the outset as a cruiser, a car to take you and your passenger from one end of the country to the other in comfort and then let you promenade in style. It also made the SL very safe thanks to its hefty crash structures.

To power this heavier, more luxurious roadster, Mercedes drafted in the V8 engines from its larger saloons. The SL started off with a 350 and 350 4.5, the latter renamed 450 in 1973. Due to the fuel crisis of the early 1970s, Mercedes added the 280SL with its straight-six motor in 1974, and the range was never without a six-cylinder engine from then on; a 300SL replaced the 280 in 1985 and ran until the end of the model’s life. Other V8 engine capacities were offered, encompassing 380, 420, 500 and the 560 (USA) as the ultimate Mercedes roadster.

Today, we are delighted to offer for sale this 500 SL which was first registered in Hong Kong in Feb 1984 and exudes elegance with white exterior in combination with the emerald green leather trim. An original car that is powered by the more powerful and efficient 4973CC 8 cylinder engine in combination with the automatic gearbox. The R107 is a well and truly established member of the classic car club, but it also remains one of the most usable modern classics offering a comfortable driving experience and modest maintenance bills.

Year: 1982

Body: 2 Doors Convertible with Hardtop

Exterior: White

Interior: Green

Driver's Side: RHD

Transmission: Automatic

Indicated Mileage: 43817 Miles indicated (Odometer Stopped Working, Actual Mileage unknown)

Location: Hong Kong

Registration: Registered in Hong Kong with 9 previous Owners noted on the VRD

This motor car: Originally registered in Hong Kong in 1984. 9 previous owners since new. This white R107 Mercedes was specc'ed in a nice combination of white exterior with an elegant emerald green interior. This car comes with non-original but factory alloy wheels (likely from US Spec 560SL), rear seats, power steering, electric windows and besides the convertible soft top, a body-coloured removable hardtop. The automatic transmission is smooth, the engine runs fantastically well. This car may not be in the best aesthetic condition but it is truly a pure joy to drive! This example is ready to enter a new stable. Available for viewing by appointment for serious interest only.


  • Mechanically sound, always serviced and ready to Enjoy

  • Comes with Hardtop

  • Older restoration

Classic Insider condition score: 70 points out of 100


Original. Mechanically well-kept and consistently maintained. Although the car has went through a comprehensive restoration in 2018 to de-rust and repaint the whole car, the bodywork has somewhat deteriorated and is now showing just a fair condition with acceptable paintwork & chrome details. Some rust spots has redeveloped near the window edge on the left rear and some of the rubber moulding on the right side door is in need for a replacement. The Interior was restored in 2018, with replaced MB Tex seat covers, dash, door cards renewed, along with new carpet and roof lining. It now shows only light wear and tear, but largely looks good. Bulk of the focus has always been mechanical. Always serviced and mechanically excellent. The engine bay isn't clean but tidy. Service record since 2005 shows the car being consistently serviced.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Wong


Telephone Or Whatsapp: +852 9013 2536

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June 2018 Auto Dynamics (Total investment of over 380K) - Repair corrosion on body and sills

- Respray in original color

- Respray hardtop in original color

- Renew bumper

- Renew boot lid

- Renew Door and boot weather seals

- Renew one set of glass and door seals

- Renew hardtop seal

- Renew softtop material and seals

- Repaint and repair wheels

- Renew A/C Pump, Evaporator, Drier, Expansion valve, pressure hose, recharge gas

- Renew steering column bearing

- Renew steering damper, idle bush, steering filter, oil + alignment

- Renew front suspension ball joint & bush

- Renew gear selector bush, gearbox filter, gaskets and oil

- Full oil service, new spark plugs

- New set drive belts and pulleys

- Check and renew brakes, pads, disc

- Renew distributor cap, rotor and arm

- Repair radiator leak

- Renew Interior fittings

- New front seat cover, door card, kick panel MB TEX

- Renew seat base springs, seat cushions, rear seat cover, dash board cover

- Renew interior hard top lining

- Renew carpet set, boot carpet set

- Renew sun visor and clips

- New hardtop locks

May 2019 Wah Kee


- New Battery

- New Tires

- De-rust

April 2020 Wah Yip Garage

- MOT and Annual Service

- Renew Ball Joint

- Underside welding

June 2021 Wah Yip Garage

- MOT and Annual Service

June 2021 Wah Yip Garage

- A/C Check and Refill Freon

May 2022 Wah Yip Garage

- MOT and Annual Service

- New Battery


The SL model has been part of the Mercedes-Benz line-up since 1954. The first generation of cars was completed in 1955 with the 190. The second generation began with the 230 in 1963 and was distinguished by its distinctive optional hardtop that earned the model its nickname ‘Pagoda top’. The factory codename for the SL launched in 1971 was R107. The Mercedes-Benz R107 and C107 were produced from 1971 through 1989, being the second longest single series ever produced by the automaker, after the G-Class. They were sold under the SL (R107) and SLC (C107) model names as the 280 SL, 280 SLC, 300 SL, etc. up to the 560 SL.

This model enjoyed an impressive build run until 1989 and over its eighteen year reign, the R107/C107 range was powered by no less than eight different engines, two sizes of straight-six unit and six versions of V8’s. Late in 1985, the 280 version was succeeded by the 300SL of which 13,742 were produced. Also in 1985, the Bosch KE Jetronic was fitted. The KE Jetronic system varied from the earlier, all mechanical system by the introduction of a more modern engine management "computer", which controlled idle speed, fuel rate, and air/fuel mixture. The final car of the 18 years running 107 series was a 500 SL painted Signal red, built on August 4, 1989; it currently resides in the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany.


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