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1980 Porsche 911 SC Coupe Manual | 928K HKD

Known for their exceptional reliability and underrated performance, the 911SC represents some of the best value to wear the famous Zuffenhausen badge.

Introduced in 1978, the 911SC was a refined, driver friendly, dependable and high performing car suitable for everyday duty. It was designed to attract not only on-the-edge sport driving enthusiasts, but also to the rather gentler sport touring genre.

The 911 is an automotive icon, the most readily identifiable sports car on the planet and is still going strong more than five decades on. Arguably the last of the classic early 911 models was the SC, which stands for "Super Carrera”, built between 1978 and 1983, devoid of the electronic aids and gizmos that increasingly found their way into Porsche’s finest driver’s car through the remainder of the 1980s and beyond.

This 5 Speed manual Porsche 911SC was delivered new to UK equipped with the desirable and rare optional electric sliding sunroof. This 911 belonged to a number of true Porsche enthusiast and has undergone engine, paint and interior restoration. The car currently displays 63,300 Miles on the odometer,

Year: 1980

Body: Coupe

Exterior: Ivory White

Interior: Black

Driver's Side: RHD

Transmission: 5 speed Manual (915 Transmission)

Indicated Mileage: 63,300 Miles

First Delivery Location: United Kingdom

Registration: Hong Kong Registered in 1987, 9 Previous Owners


This just restored Porsche 911SC was imported and registered in Hong Kong back in 1987 and currently showing 9 previous owners on the HK VRD. This Right hand drive example was originally delivered and registered in the UK back in 1980.

Bought by the current owner 4 years ago, when the car just completed a 170,000 HKD engine out rebuild, along with New Clutch and New Brakes done by Porsche specialist, GEMBALLA Hong Kong. Earlier this year, the whole car was subjected to a full repaint in Ivory white with black "CARRERA" lettering applied to the car. The interior was also reupholstered and the much needed air conditioning system refreshed. This half-a-year long restoration cost another HKD 310,000.

This restored example is ready to enter a new stable. Available for viewing by appointment for serious interest only.


  • An Air-cooled Porsche not to be overlooked

  • Fully serviced and fully restored inside/ out

  • Manual transmission and desirable sunroof

Classic Insider condition score: 85 points out of 100


Restored Original. Well-kept and maintained. The exterior was restored and repainted, overall looking good with no visible blemishes. The alloy wheels are in great condition and shod with fresh tires. The Interior is restored, the seats, dash, carpets and door cards are in good condition. Air Condition is in a nice working condition. Mechanically sound and maintained.

Available Exclusively at Classic Insider. For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Wong


Telephone Or Whatsapp: +852 9013 2536

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OCT 2022

Fully repainted, AC system Overhauled and Interior Reupholstered (310,000 HKD)

2021 FEB Tai Cheong Tyre & Battery Co.

- New Battery

2020 Dec Tai Cheong Tyre & Battery Co.


- Annual Service, oil change

- Service throttle linkage

2020 May Tai Cheong Tyre & Battery Co.

- Front suspension service (Front Shock Bush, Drop Link)

2020 Jan Tai Cheong Tyre & Battery Co.

- Annual Service

2019 March (GEMBALLA) Mileage 60,993

- Rear Anti-Roll Bar Bearing

- Front Anti-roll Bar Bearing

- Rear Shock Rubber Bush

- Stabiliser mount

2018 Dec Tai Cheong Tyre & Battery Co.

- Instrument panel, Pedals, Shifter, Tower Bar

2018 Nov Tai Cheong Tyre & Battery Co.

- Annual Service

- Battery Kill Switch

- Alternator

- Alignment

2018 September Tai Cheong Tyre & Battery Co.

- New Battery

- Alternator Pulley

2018 Dec Tai Cheong Tyre & Battery Co.

- Instrument panel, Pedals, Shifter, Tower Bar

2018 Feb GEMBALLA Mileage: 59,900 (10,000 HKD)

- Annual Service

- Replace all oil cooler pipes and gaskets

2017 Nov GEMBALLA Mileage 59,340 (160,000 HKD)

- Engine Out Overhaul

- Brake system Overhaul

- New Clutch

- New Mirror hardness

** All available Service records available upon request


A 'modern classic' if ever there was one, Porsche's long-running 911 arrived in 1964, replacing the 356, and is still in production today. The 356's rear-engined layout was retained but the 911 switched to unitary construction for the body/chassis and dropped the 356's VW-based suspension in favour of a more modern McPherson strut and trailing arm arrangement. In its first incarnation, Porsche's single-overhead-camshaft, air-cooled flat six-cylinder engine displaced 1,991cc and produced 130bhp; progressively enlarged and developed, it would eventually grow to more than 3.0 litres and, in turbo-charged form, put out over 300 horsepower.

The first of countless up-grades came in 1966 with the introduction of the 911S, the latter easily distinguishable by its Fuchs five-spoked alloy wheels and featuring a heavily revised engine. A lengthened wheelbase introduced in 1969 improved the 911's sometimes-wayward handling and then in 1970 the motor underwent the first of many enlargements - to 2.2 litres. In 1977, Porsche rationalised the 911 range, reducing it to just two models, SC and Turbo, the normally aspirated 3.0-litre 911SC having 204bhp at its disposal by 1981, an output good enough for a top speed of 225km/h-plus.


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