1993 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Tiptronic

1993 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Tiptronic

1993 Porsche 964 C2  with Tiptronic Transmission. 





Exceptional quality and very original condition car. A low number of owners, late production Hong Kong Dealer Delivered 93 model with Tiptronic Transmission. The car has been expertly maintained by Porsche specialist Tech-Po since 2005. The Exterior is kept in the original L80K Guards Red color, showing very few blemishes. Fender gaps are even and showing no rust throughout. All trims, windsheild and seals are very fresh. Tires are a bit old, mounted on non-original "Turbo-look" wheels with some curb marks, and upgraded bigger Turbo brakes (original unit supplied) The Interior is fully original and in exceptional quality. The radio is upgraded to the handsome Porsche Classic GPS/ Bluetooth Unit. The seats, door-card and carpets are all in excellent condition. Everything is in full working order, with new battery installed just last year. Spare wheel, jack, owner's manual and tools roll supplied. Just completed MOT.



  • Very Original, late production model with Low number of owners

  • No expenses spared maintainance and same owner since 2005

  • Low Mileage, Mechanically and cosmetically in exceptional condition

  • 57,800 KM indicated / 3 Owner on VRD




2020 November 57755KM (TEC-PO) 

- Annual Service & MOT


2020 April (TEC-PO) 

- New Fan Blade, housing, cover installed


2020 March 57752KM (TEC-PO) 

- New Belt Set, Repaired alternator, New ground wires


2019 December 57528KM (TEC-PO) 

- Annual Service & MOT


2018 November 56960KM (TEC-PO) 

- Annual Service & MOT

- New Catalytic Converter sensor and new exhaust


2017  October (TEC-PO) 

- Annual Service & MOT

- New Steering Rack 

- New Engine oil hose

- New Porsche Classic Radio installed

- Alignment


2017 November (TEC-PO) 

- Sunroof repair


2016 December 56338KM (TEC-PO) 

- Full engine service 

- Ignition system fully services (spark plugs, coils)

- Intake system service

- Replaced fuel lines, valves


2016 October 56038KM (TEC-PO)

- Refresh hood, fenders, rearview mirror housing

- Annual Service and MOT

- Changed oil pump gasket


2015 June 54860KM (BILLY MOTOR)

- Full engine out service ($100,000)


2011 April 50683KM (TEC-PO)

- ABS System replaced


2010 November (TEC-PO)

- Rear Wing repair


2010 August (PORSCHE CENTRE)

- Full Service


2005 - 2010 Service records available upon request


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