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1990 Gemballa Porsche 928 S4 Cabriolet

1990 Gemballa Porsche 928 S4 Cabriolet

1990 Gemballa Porsche 928 Cabriolet with 5 Speed Manual Transmission

PRICE:  1.28M HKD 




In the late 80s Porsche was pondering to produce a 928 Cabriolet and commissioned a study & also invited some design houses to make a proposal. Völl who made the BMW 1602/2002 Cabriolet was one of those firms who responded. 

Since the 928 was still selling well, the factory was not able to give them a 928 to do the conversion study in time. The founder of Völl thus took his wife’s 928 S4 in London to do this job. (thus explaining why this is a RHD manual car) 

In the early 90s, when the study was done and this car was produced for Porsche, 928 sales were beginning to slow down, Porsche therefore decided to stick with the Coupe and instead produced the 928 GTS - the final version of 928 that went out of production in 1995. 

As Porsche normally keep all it’s prototypes in their museum they asked Völl. But since Völl didn't actually take this car from Porsche but used his personal car, they get to keep it. 

Völl was later acquired by Gemballa who tried to produce this as one of their model. 
No order was received and Gemballa was in receivership after their founder passes away. So this 928 remained as the only one Gemballa/Völl ever produced.




  • One of One Right Hand Drive 928 Convertible in the world
  • Fully automated convertible mechanism 928 Design Study
  • 5.0L V8 Engine with 5 Speed "Dog-leg" Manual Transmission
  • Excellent condition and very well maintained
  • Imported & Registered in HK in 2019
  • 0 previous owners on the registration
  • 18,250 Miles shown on odometer


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